Vet360 Vol 4 Issue 4 August 2017 Vet 360 - Page 40

+ KIDNEY JOINT Together, let’s give your older patients a new lease on life. CLINICALLY PROVEN NUTRITION: IMPROVES & LENGTHENS QUALITY OF LIFE IMPROVES MOBILITY IN AS LITTLE AS 21 DAYS IN DOGS & 28 DAYS IN CATS SUPPORTS VITALITY & ALERTNESS IN OLDER PETS ENHANCED APPETITE TRIGGER (E.A.T.) TECHNOLOGY FOR INCREASED CALORIC INTAKE IN CATS Combining the science of k/d, j/d and b/d so you now have a nutritional solution ideal for managing geriatric patients: + Supports pets’ ability to rebuild lean muscle mass + Controlled phosphorus & low sodium for renal & heart health + High omega-3s for kidney, heart & joints + Glucosamine & chondroitin for healthy cartilage + High levels of antioxidants to maintain brain function ™Trademarks owned by Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc. ©2017, V28551, V28551, V28550, V28550