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PRACTICE MANAGEMENT Go Inward: Article reprinted with the permission of DVM360 - July 7, 2017 DVM360 MAGAZINE is a copyrighted publication of Advanstar. Communications inc. All rights reserved. How Locus of Control Can Save You Believing you have some control over the events in your life is crucial to happiness and could make a huge difference in your personal life and veterinary career. Hilal Dogan, BVSc Some people, even in bad circumstances, feel they have control over their lives. Psychologist Julian Rot- ter calls that an "internal" locus of control. Compare that to people who feel they don't have power over their lives, their actions, their families or their jobs— people with an "external locus of control." Some researchers say happier people have an internal locus of control. "Locus of control," a social learning theory developed by psychologist Julian Rotter, PhD, asserts that per- sonality represents the interaction of an individual with their environment and is changeable given the circumstances of the situation. People with an inter- nal locus of control feel that they are in control of their destiny, while people who have an external locus vet360 Issue 04 | AUGUST 2017 | 4 of control believe that external forces control their fu- ture. Are you convinced you're doomed—Groundhog Day style—to face clients day after day who won't take your recommendations? External locus of control— the pet owners govern your fate! Or do you work to soothe your frustration about that or adjust the way you communicate with pet owners? Internal locus of control—there's something you can do, even if it's to let go of bad feelings from the workday. Do you feel trapped in your job with coworkers you hate with no way out? That's external locus of con- trol—you have no power over your job, your bosses, your coworkers or your daily responsibilities. Or are you considering that you're choosing to stay because of the location or the clients or the money, or even better, maybe you're brushing up that resume and