Vet360 Vol 4 Issue 4 August 2017 Vet 360 - Page 34

DENTISTRY Figure 4. A root fragment remaining from an extraction of the maxillary fourth premolar. Figure 6A. A nasogastric feeding tube. Oronasal or oral antral fistula Probability: Rare to moderate Prevention: Prepare a gingival flap to facilitate closure without tension. Let the client know that if a fistula occurs and becomes clinically significant, surgical closure is advised (Figures 5A and 5B). Figure 6B. Pharyngostomy feeding tube placement. (Oesophgostomy tube preferred - Editor) Figure 5A. An oral nasal fistula. Tongue protrusion after multiple incisor or quadrant extractions Probability: Moderate Prevention: Let the client know that tongue protrusion has little to no effect other than cosmetic (Figures 7) Figure 5B. An oral antral fistula. Anorexia Probability: Moderate for one to two days Prevention: 1. Provide pain relief as well as anti-inflammatory and appetite-stimulant medication. 2. In cases of full-mouth extractions in debilitated cats and other major oral surgical procedures, place a nasogastric or pharyngeal feeding tube (Figures 6A and 6B). (Oesophgostomy tube preferred - Editor) vet360 Issue 04 | AUGUST 2017 | 34 Figure 7. A right-sided tongue protrusion after rostral mandibulecto- my to remove an invasive oral melanoma.