Vet360 Vol 4 Issue 4 August 2017 Vet 360 - Page 13

CPD ACCREDITED ARTICLE Feline blood typing absorption of large proteins occurs only up to 16 hours post partum. Simple typing cards are available for feline blood typ- ing and require only a drop of EDTA blood. Blood typ- ing will detect an incompatibility with the blood type antigens only, whereas crossmatching detects any incompatibility in the serum of the recipient or donor. NI is a risk in all type B queens bred to Type A males. As all type A cats have high levels of anti-A antibodies any blood type A progeny which ingest colostrums from the queen will develop a degree of NI as these anti-A antibodies will cross into neonatal circulation and target blood cells. This can happen even in prim- iparous females as the antibodies are allo-antibodies. Blood typing provides an answer to the phenotypic characteristics of the cats’ blood group. A cat desig- nated as type A phenotypically may be genotypically type AB. Thus blood typing without progeny testing does not allow identification of a cats’ genotype. Phenotype A - Genotype A A - Genotype A b - Genotype b b Phenotype B Clinical Signs: Clinical signs vary depending of the amount of an- ti-A antibodies in the queens’ plasma as well as the amount ingested by the kitten. The characteristic sign is severe pigmenturia due to haemoglobinuria. Other signs include sudden death, fading kitten syndrome, icterus and tail tip necrosis. Removal from the queen after signs have developed will be of no benefit and the mortality rates are high. Neonatal Isoerythrolysis Prevention: Neonatal isoerythrolysis will only occur with a type B female therefore a type B female should not be bred with a type A male. Cause: There is minimal if any transfer of maternal immuno- globulins across the feline placenta which is endothe- liochorial, colostrum is thus a vital source of immu- noglobulins for the neonatal kitten. Gastrointestinal The progeny of such a mating are shown in the table 2 below. Remember that each individual kitten has Table 2: Diagrammatic representation of inheritance mode The most reliable blood typing test on the market SIRE AA DAM bb SIRE BT DAM TECHNOLOGY Ab bb For Canine & Feline Blood typing Progeny: Ab Ab Progeny: Ab 1.2 ) in dogs dea 1 blood group (dea 1.1 & dea a & b blood groups in cats bb In a mating with a heterozygous type A male there is a 50% chance of a kitten being type A thus theoretically 50% will be at risk for NI New scientific data: In a mating with a homozygous type A male ALL the progeny will be phenotype A and be at risk for NI Detects weak dea 1 (former dea 1.2) The most reliable blood typing test on the market TECHNOLOGY - Quick BT - Easy to use - Clean - Reliable For Canine & Feline Blood typing - Archivable - 100% specificity dea 1 blood group (dea 1.1 & dea 1.2 ) in dogs a & b blood groups in cats CONTACT KENNETH JOUBERT: 082 454 7280 The first Immuno-Chromatography Technology New scientific data: Detects weak 1 Issue 04 | AUGUST 2017 | dea 13 (former dea 1.2)