Vet360 Vol 4 Issue 3 June 2017 Vet360 - Page 40

BETTER CATTLE BETTER LIFE With Kyron’s injectable vitamins and mineral supplements Formulated for the busy farmer who is focused on increased profit and lower risk. Kyron offers affordable, top quality vitamin and mineral supplements that will fill the animal's growing needs with optimum productivity and herd health. KYROLIGO INJECTION KYROPHOS METABOLIC-V INJECTION • • • • • • • • Aids in stimulating appetite and increased weight gain. • Ideal for supplementing during drought conditions. • Supplement for the treatment of nutritional deficiencies. Contains 17 different vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Ideal for supplementation during drought conditions. Promotes normal, healthy development. Shortens illness periods and speeds up recovery. Supporting supplement during calving cycle. Assistance during increased stress periods. Improves ovum & sperm quality. Reg. No. G2040 Act 36/1947 Reg. No. G3087 Act 36/1947 KYRO B + LIVER INJECTION KYROVITE A-E INJECTION • High potency Vitamin B complex injection with choline chloride and liver extract. • Support in the treatment of appetite loss, weakness, diarrhea, blood loss & parasitic infestations. • Supportive therapy during treatment with antibiotics. • Prevents/treats Vitamin A deficiency, specifically in intensive cattle farming. • Increased bioavailability of Vitamin A. Reg. No. G1939 Act 36/1947 Reg. No. G2142 Act 36/1947 KYROVITE B CO SUPER INJECTION VitESe INJECTION • High potency vitamin B complex injectable solution with high concentrations of the essential B vitamins for maximum effect. • For the treatment of stress conditions and B vitamin deficiencies. • Treats/prevents Vitamin E and Selenium deficiency. • Selenium can increase the resistance against infections of the cow’s udder. • Shortage of Vitamin E and Selenium weakens immunity and increases the degree of coliform mastitis. • Assists with the prevention of: Reg. No. G1937 Act 36/1947 - Fetus membrane retention. - Muscular dystrophy. Reg. No. G3397 Act 36/1947 vet360 Issue 03 | JUNE 2017 | 40 Kyron Laboratories (Pty) Ltd. Co. Reg. No. 1990/004442/07 29 Barney Road, Benrose 2094 South Africa Tel. +27 11 618 1544