Vet360 Vol 4 Issue 3 June 2017 Vet360 - Page 37

DENTISTRY Figure 9A. Hair foreign bodies creating marked periodontal disease in the rostral maxilla in an English bulldog. Figure 9E. A laser used to decrease the amount of gingiva enlarge- ment. Figure 9B. Subgingival hair extending from the canine marginal gingi- va and at the mucogingival junction. Figure 9F. One month after surgery the gingiva has healed and in- flammation has resolved, with a few new embedded hairs present. Figure 9C. A probe extending through the attached gingiva. Hair embedded in a dog’s tongue can be removed using forceps, followed by carbon dioxide laser ablation of the inflamed areas. Multiple monthly laser treatments are of- ten required to resolve the issue (Figures 10A-10C). Figure 9D. Gingivectomy around the canine and third incisor to re- move periodontal pockets. Figure 10A. Removing hairs with forceps. Issue 03 | JUNE 2017 | 37