Vet360 Vol 4 Issue 3 June 2017 Vet360 - Page 30

OPHTHALMOLOGY GLAUCOMA (Fig 5 & 6) Salvage if: • Glaucoma can be medically managed • There are no signs of pain such as blepharospasm and epiphora Enucleate if: • Poor response to aggressive anti-glaucoma treat- ment • Poor DPR or CPR from other eye • Chronically painful UVEITIS Fig. 4. A suspect Squamous Cell Carcinoma which has already destroyed the majority of the orbital contents Salvage if: • Can be managed with topical and / or oral corticos- teroids or NSAIDs • Non-painful eye Enucleate if: • Chronically painful • Secondary glaucoma • Mydriatric pupil • No menace response • Poor medical management MELTING ULCER (Fig 7) Salvage if: • Medical management appears to be assisting • Client is able to intensively administer medication Enucleate if: • Ruptured globe • Poor response to medical management • Panophthalmitis or vitreal pathology accompanying the melting ulcer Fig. 5. Bilateral uveitis in a cat with secondary glaucoma in the left eye (note the buphthalmic globe) Fig. 6. Maltese Poodle with chronic glaucoma leading to sec- ondary keratitis due to the lagophthalmos vet360 Issue 03 | JUNE 2017 | 30 Fig. 7. Horse with an early melting ulcer