Vet360 Vol 3 Issue 04 August 2016 - Page 9

DENTISTRY Figure 10A. A mesioverted maxillary canine in a Shetland sheepdog. Figure 10B. Orthodontic buttons and elastics were used to pull the canine caudally. 8. Extraction • Tooth extraction is indicated when stage 4 periodontal disease is present (the tooth has more than 50 percent support loss based on probing depths, greater than stage 2 mobility or gingival recession that has progressed past the mucogingiv [[JK(H^X[ۈ\H\\\H[H\]Y[ H[ L\[\ܝ˜[Hۙ\܈H]Y[[[\X]H[YH\K(HYHX\YY]\H\^XY \XX[HH]]H[^\H[YB܈ \[۝[\X\H܈X\Y[\[\ܜ[ۋ(H^X[ۈ\[X]Y[[[\\B\HXXH[ۈYHHۙ\&\\\›܈HXXx&\\X[]H [XوHY\[[ۊK(H[[HY][H^XYXH\^\H[[Y][ۈH\ܜ[ۋ\H\\XH\[۝[Y[Y[[ܛX[X]Bۈ[[ܘ[Y[ܘ\ \\ H[ K(HX[H]YXYHܛ\[X[[[[X][ۈ]\ۙYH\]YB۝\H[Y]HH^X[ۈوBY]\[H[[\H][\ۙ[]H[HY]^XY (H^H \\[Y\\JHY]]]\Hܛ[Y\[HܛX[Y]\[۝[\X\K[H^XY (H\\[[X\H XY[\HY][B[[ݙY]H[YHوXYۛ\][B[X[H\Y[][ۈوHY[Y](H^X[ۈ\HX]Y[وXH܈Y[Y\Y\˂ۛ\XHY[[ۜ܈ %X\XK\]XZ[HYܚYK\[[\\Y\˂Y\H LˈH[[ۘ[\[ۈ]H[۝]\˂Hܘ[\\K\\H\HX]Y[وXB\H܈X[Hܘ[X\\[Yۈ[X[Yۘ[ [[[ܘ[\\KH[\XY]HH KXH[[܋YYHX\[܈[YۈX\\[H XH܈ܙX]\X\[܂X[Yۘ[ܘ[[[ܜ˂\YH UQT MBU ͌UQT Mܚ[˚[B M ̍H LN B