Vet360 Vol 3 Issue 04 August 2016 - Page 7

DENTISTRY can provide additional home care to control periodontal disease progression. The periodontal gels Clindoral (TriLogic Pharma) and Doxirobe (Zoetis) are not available in South Africa, human equivalents will need to be used. Ed. • Surgery can save teeth if the tooth and patient are appropriate. Operculectomy (removal of the gingiva over a partially erupted tooth crown) is indicated in a young dog or cat (less than 8 months old) whose tooth is expected to fully erupt once the obstructing gingiva is excised (Figs 6A-6C). Open flap exposure for cleaning and débridement is used to expose a tooth root in selective cases where the periodontal pocket extends greater than 5 mm and the client is committed to save the pet’s teeth despite a guarded prognosis. 4. Endodontic care • Vital pulp therapy can be performed when a complicated tooth fracture is acute (no longer than two days). The treatment usually results in a vital tooth with a good prognosis. If the fractured tooth with pulp exposure has been present for more than two days, extraction or Figure 7A. A complicated left maxillary canine fracture in a cat. Figure 6A. A missing mandibular first premolar evident on oral examination. Figure 7B. Application of mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) on vital pulp. Figure 6B. The premolar is present on an intraoral radiograph. Figure 6C. After an operculectomy, the premolar erupts normally. Figure 7C. The restored vital canine. Issue 04 | AUGUST 2016 | 7 VET360 AUGUST 2016 working.indd 7 2016/07/25 11:04 PM