Vet360 Vol 3 Issue 04 August 2016 - Page 38

DERMATOLOGY CANINE PAPILLOMA VIRUS: Papilloma viruses (Papovavirus family) exhibit a marked tropism for squamous epithelium, are species specific and potentially contagious. This virus can cause a variety of clinical entities in dogs from warts in the oral cavity and on the skin, cutaneous horns on the foot pads to cutaneous inverted papillomas. Diagnosis is made clinically due to the characteristic lesions but may be confirmed by histopathology. There is no specific treatment. Many virus induced lesions may regress spontaneously after a few months. Treatment that may be attempted for papilloma virus infections include interferon and a vaccine created from surgically excised tissue. A B A: Canine papilloma virus (http://www.askavetquestion. com/answer_np.php?id=4717-wart-on-dogs-foot) B: Canine papilloma virus ( Papilloma viruses have also been implicated as one of the causes of a condition called Canine Foot Pad Papilloma. This condition has primarily been reported in active and retired racing Greyhounds but may affect any breed. The foot pad lesions are firm, well demarcated, circumscribed hyperkeratotic lesions that have a central core of keratin which is often conical. The gross appearance is that of scar tissue. These lesions cause pain and local inflammation and have been called ܛˈܛ[\X\ۈ][\HY[]\H[Y[\ˈ\Y]\\\BܙZYۈY\[\]]]HYX[X[][XHB\\H[X\[ۜ˂ܛ[Y N]]K[\K L[X[ۘ\Hܛ[H\] \[][H܂۝[Z[YX][ێ\[X\ L JBUSQΈ][Y\Hۙ][ۈ\X]Y][X]Z\YوYY[[H[YH[X]BY[[]H\X[ۋH][\\\X\][]]Z[[][HYX[\H\[Z[K][Y\Y][Y\\X]Y]\]]Z[[][Bۙ][ۜX\][[HXX]\Y[]\ˈ\X]X[Yۜ[YHXZXXX[\]]X][[\[[ۜ K^Y[Y\[[\H[\YY[][ۈ ]][[[X][ۊHوHYZ[[] XYۛ\\\X[HXYHۈ[X[[[]܂]]\]K\]H[]][HܛX[[X\]YوY[[]\˂\H\XYXX]Y[\Hۙ][ۈ\›Y\[HY]XˈX[ IHXܛ[]\\\[ۘ[X\ˈ۝[[\[Z\[ۈY][Y\›\˂PSTΈX[\\Hۙ[][\ܙ\\[[HHYX[ۙH܈[ܙH\و][Bܛ][HY\[X][ۋ\Y\[]X[ۋY\Y\[]Xܛ\]HY[\ܚXY YYXYXܛ\]HY[Y[YYY YYYXY[YH[[XY܈]Y]\Z\[ܙ\Y\X\[\Y\Z[\˜[[Y\X[[˂\X]X[Yۜ\H]HܛH[YYYXY[\HHHZ[^X]]H\X]\[\[\YX\H[\Y\[H[Y[[Y[\\[[\\]\H]\]\\X\\YH^[YH\\\]\[^Y\]YX[[وHY][ \[[\[Yˈ]\H\\\X[H\[]HYHو [۝]Z[\\\X^HۛH\[[[[Y[ XYۛ\\XYHH\]Hو[[Y\˂X]Y[\[\X]X[[Y\[\\\[˜Y[\][[][[\ܜX^\]H[HX[ۈ[[\ݙH[Y][ۈ[\[X[]HXY\[Y[][ۈ[Z]]\˂PPST¸(H[H[\[\Y[ۙ][ۋ\HHY\H[YXY ZH[\\[[Y\H\X\\[HY\HXK(HY[YYٝ\[H[[HX[ (H]\X\HZ\\\[]]H\[ۜ[Z[[Y\وY˂(H\]X[[\]][ۈوY[\[[[˂(HܙZYۈY\[H[Y]\H]\H][X\HYK\XX[H[]Y[\[][Y[\˜[\HۛHۙHY\YXY (HۜY\Z[X[Y[Y[[[\\˂(HYܙ\]HYYX[X]Y[\\]Y[H\]Z\Y (HX[X]Y[[[^\HH[YXX[Y[]H\\K[\Y[[X]][K(Hݙ\[[[XH[[ܙX\H۝X[YHوX[X]Y[˂(H]Y]XYۛ\[\\و܈\ۜHX]Y[ Y\[\]Z[XHۈ˝] ͌ ][˘˞B\[H]\Hو[[X[X[] ͌\YH UQT M U ͌UQT Mܚ[˚[  M ̍H LN B