Vet360 Vet360 Vol 05 Issue 04 - Page 31

DENTISTRY Mandibular rim excision: A form of partial mandibulectomy in which the ventral border of the mandible is maintained (Figures 8A-8C). Segmental mandibulectomy: A form of partial mandibulectomy in which a full dorsoventral segment of the mandible is removed; also called a central mandibulectomy (Figures 9A and 9B). Figure 9A. Segmental mandibulectomy diagram. Figure 8A. Mandibular rim excision diagram. Figure 9B. A segmental mandibulectomy to treat the melanoma noted in Figure 1. Bilateral partial mandibulectomy: The surgical removal of parts of the left and right mandibles and surrounding soft tissues; also called a bilateral rostral mandibulectomy (Figures 10A-10C). Figure 8B. Surgical markings for a rim excision to debulk the lesion noted in Figure 2. Client would not approve of a rostral mandibulectomy..gif Figure 8C. The surgical specimen without clean histologic margins. Figure 10A. Bilateral partial mandibulectomy diagram. Issue 04 | AUGUST 2017 | 31