Vet360 Vet360 Vol 05 Issue 04 - Page 26

Get more than what you bargained for! Start your IDEXX Journey with the VetTest Combo deal VetTest combo deal. Includes, VetTest, IVLS & Minispin PLUS an Extended Maintenance Agreement on all instruments for 5 years. Call us now on 011-6819200 or e-mail Real time Care and In-house diagnostic testing: What are the benefits of being able to run your patient’s blood samples in house? 1. Better medicine • Better emergency and critical care- lets you start the best treatment protocol right away • More information on sick patients- plot out the best therapeutic course for your patient as well as monitor a response to treatment in real time. • Preanesthetic testing- Doing this in- house improves the safety of your anesthetic but also makes it convenient • Drug monitoring- screen and change drug dosages in one visit. • Preventative medicine 2. Better client service • Save your client time and stress- your client can have answers about their pet’s condition in one visit. • Client compliance 3. Better Practice management • Time management- Having your results immediately lets you discuss the results with the client at the time of the visit. • Increased revenue- clients will pay more for a better, faster service. Very important: Some vets feel that they can only justify the costs of these tests by finding something abnormal. This is NOT true. Celebrate the normal results, after all, normal is what we want. The value of finding a normal result means that pet is healthy and we now have excellent baseline values for that pet for the future which may help us diagnose disease much earlier. T’s&C’s: This deal is based on a commitment deal. Customer Services & Orders: 011 691 8200, or send your order via email to