Vet360 Vet360 Vol 05 Issue 04 - Page 10

SURGERY Article sponsored by Petcam ® AFAST for You and Me 3 Since ultrasonography is becoming more accessible to all veterinary practitioners, learn all about this ultrasonographic examination protocol for trauma and start saving lives. By Garret Pachtinger, VMD, DACVECC Most veterinarians are schooled on ARDS, SIRS and other common medical acronyms. But are you ready for FAST 3 ? FAST, which stands for focused assessment with sonography for trauma, is a rapid bedside ultrasonographic examination and screening test for blood—or other abnormalities—after trauma. More specifically, there are the abdominal FAST (AFAST), thoracic FAST (TFAST) and Vet BLUE (bedside lung ultrasound exam) techniques that have evolved to the FAST3 techniques—focused assessment with sonography in triage, tracking and trauma. vet360 Issue 04 | SEPTEMBER 2018 | 10 Why is it important? Why all the fuss with name changes and the fancy superscript 3? As clinicians, we can’t just “set it and forget it” in medicine. We need not only rapid initial triage and assessment, but also constant reassessment and tracking of our patients. We understand that the hypotensive, shocky patient may not have a definitive haemoabdomen on presentation. Rather it may take some time after fluid resuscitation for haemorrhage to present within a body cavity. Focusing on the AFAST 3 technique, why has this