Vet360 Vet360 Vol 05 Issue 03 - Page 4

BUSINESS A Brief Manifesto for Happy Team Relations By Dr Dave Nicol BVMS Cert Mgmt MRCVS I like questions. And good questions deserve answers, plus they often lead to fascinating conversations. So, when a member of a Facebook group I’m active in posted a great question, I was ready to get stuck in. If you can do that, then you'd be a lot better than I was when I started out, and I'd be very, very proud to call you a teammate. (And if you can be that, or be willing to work towards it.... could you also never leave?) Here’s what she asked “Question for practice owners, managers, directors: what do you want from vets? What makes you want to keep a vet? I expect high turnover is a big one...? I am curious about how we can be better vets so that we increase our value to the practice?” And here’s what happened next... [Profanity warning]. Now let me ask you back.... what do YOU want/need me to be as a leader? Because I think that probably matters more...” The vet who asked the question then responded with this: David, for me, off the top of my head it is similar to many of the things you said you want from a vet. I want you to give a major F*@K about the following: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • "us" - the team. Your clients - if you can do clients then you can do vet med. If you can't then you are in trouble. Your patients (obvs). You. Really, YOU in quite a big way. Money, and don't be embarrassed or ashamed about it. It'll never come first, but it is there and we all need to work on this. I want you to be willing to learn and grow. I want you to help others learn and grow. I want you to be willing to be amazing. I want you to leave your ego at the door. I want to laugh and cry with you at the shit we have to deal with. I want to be able to have a beer with you. I want you to understand that I care very deeply about helping you get where you want to go and helping you become what you can be. I want you to accept that you are not perfect, that none of us is and that's OK. Failure is OK. I want you to be happy. vet360 Issue 03 | JULY 2018 | 4 • Plus either be a good role model or be there to support and facilitate us vets to achieve the desired outcome. • To understand what it is really like to do the job and care about whether or not I have had my lunch today. • Have good systems in place to make everything run smoothly and efficiently and listen when we give feedback. • I want you to care that I get away on time and that I have had to deal with a really obnoxious client and notice that I dealt with it well. • Call me needy, but I do like acknowledgement when I work hard. I want you to empathise when sh*t happens and take time to understand the whole story before you criticise. • I think it would be great if somehow bosses and/ or colleagues could positively feedback regularly