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CPD Questions AC/1935/18 Article - Gastrointestinal Therapy, Anti-emetics and Antacids Webbased: - choose Onlinevets/VET360. To answer through sms system use the following code: a88954. *CPD reserved for Vet360 subscribers (R360 per annum) Call 012 346 1590 for assistance Question 1: Which one of the phrases below regarding the vomiting mechanism is INCORRECT? a. The CTZ relies on dopamine receptors. b. Vestibular nausea relies on histamine receptors. c. The VC is in the medulla within the blood brain barrier. d. GIT stimulation of vomiting is seratonergic e. The CTZ has a inhibitory effect on the VC Question 2: Which one of statements regarding omeprazole is CORRECT? a. Omeprazole is active on the gastric side of the parietal cell. b. Omeprazole is proton pump activator. c. Omeprazole is not effective in cats. d. Omeprazole is most effective administered BID. e. Omeprazole has no evidence of efficacy in dogs. Question 3: Which one of the statements regarding anti-emetics listed below is INCORRECT? a. Metoclopramide has mild prokinetic activity. b. Maropitant has demonstrated efficacy in cats. c. Maropitant relies on inhibition of substance P binding to NK receptors . d. Maropitant has mild prokinetic activity. e. Ondansetron blocks seratonergic transmission in the chemoreceptor trigger zone and vagal afferent nerves. Question 4: Which one of the components of the gastric mucousal defence systems listed below is INCORRECT? a. pre-epithelial mucous-bicarbonate barrier b. the epithelial barrier and continuous cell renewal of epithelial cells c.continuous mucosal blood flow d. normal gastric through-flow and emptying e. generation of vasodilatory prostaglandins and nitric oxide Question 5: Which one of the statements listed below regarding gastric acid production is CORRECT? a. Acid production is stimulated by the binding of gastrin to the proton-pump mechanism. b. Hydrogen molecules are secreted by proton pumps on the luminal surface of the parietal cells. c. Acetylcholine and histamine receptors are present on the luminal surface of the parietal cell. d. H2 blockers will also block other stimulatory factors for acid production. e. Decreased blood flow will decrease acid production. Question 6: Which one of the statements below regarding omperazole is CORRECT? a. Omeprazole acts by reversibly binding to the proton pump. b. Proton pump inhibitors should be administered 30–60 minutes before feeding for optimal effect. c. Omeprazole takes approximately 7 days for vet360 Issue 03 | JULY 2018 | 34 optimal suppression of acid production. d. The efficacy of omeprazole decreases over time. KۘHZ[HYZ[\][ۈوY\^H\BBHYXY[܈[X[[Y] ]Y\[ۈ ΈXۙHوH][Y[Y\[˜ۚXY^H\X\H  H[]\SԔP˜K\H[[ۈۙ][ۈ\H[XY]\BHHۜY\Y X[]Y[HY\]\X[\][ۈBH\HX]\Hو[]˂\H\]H]Y[H\YHH\Hو[XYBH[XX[H[]]\Y[ZXKH\HوXܘ[]H[]]YBBHH\۝[YY[X]\[HYH^\]HBHZ][[[ܙ^XKK\H\H\YY\ܚ]X[H][X][HBYXXHو[XY[]\\Y˂]Y\[ۈXوH[][Y[œY\[YYX][ۜYX[\X]X\[\H\ԔP˜KZ\[\H]\[H Y[[JBH\\[]ܞH[YX]H[H\XBB[]X\KˈXܘ[]HH[\\و\[]ܞHBB\Y[[˂ Z\\[XXHۛH[HX]Y[وBBHRQ[XY[\][ۋK\ݛY[ZXH[]HYXۈBBH\X˂]Y\[ۈNXۙHوH][Y[[œY\[HYZ[\][ۈوX\][\ԔP˜KH[HZ[HHوX\][\BBBH[ܙHYX]H\\YH[HHوBB[Y][ZYKX\][[H\Y]]][ۈ[BBH]Y[]\XYH؜X[ۋˈX\][\H Z\\][ۈوYX[BBH[]˂ H[XXHHوX\][[HBBHYZ[\\Y]X\ H\[܈BBBH[[\\H܈[X[YX KHܘ[H\Y\YHXܙX\Yܘ[BBH[]Z[X[]H[\X][ۈ\XܙX\Y]BHH\[Hو ]Y\[ۈ LXۙHوH][Y[[œY\[Y][ZYH\[ԔP˜K]\HӔYۜ\HH[[[ۈYHBBHYXوY][ZYKY][ZYHZ^Y] IH[[H\BBHY[]]H[[XZ[XH܈ ˂ˈY][ZYH\H\ۚ[[Yۚ\ Y][ZYHXۛH[[KKY][ZYH\\Y[܈HX]Y[وBBH\Y]\\]\Hۙ[]X