Vet360 Vet360 Vol 05 Issue 03 - Page 27

DENTISTRY 11. Say no to spring-loaded mouth gags You can insert a mouth prop or lap sponge between the maxillary and mandibular canines or between the cheek teeth to keep the mouth open during dental procedures. Placing spring-loaded gags between canines is not recommended because of potential iatrogenic damage to the teeth, temporomandibular articulation and decreased maxillary blood flow to the brain. In cats, this decreased cerebral blood flow may result in neurological impairment, including blindness. Alternatively, cut endotracheal tubes or syringes will prop the mouth open while allowing for flexibility (Figure 5). DENTISTRY 12. Say no to systemic antibiotics—except in cases of advanced periodontal disease or in compromised patients Forty years ago, the standard of care included giving a penicillin-streptomycin injection after every ovariohysterectomy. Once the science proved this wasn’t necessary, it stopped. Similarly, systemic antibiotics are not indicated before, during or after most dental procedures, other than cases of multiple extractions for advanced periodontal disease where we are removing the cause of the problem (e.g. plaque, tartar and periodontally affected teeth). There appears to be a place for local administration of antimicrobials, however, especially in cleaned periodontal pockets less than 5 mm (Figure 6). Figure 6. Injection of local antibiotic into a cleaned stage 2 periodontal pocket. 13. Say no to recommending tooth brushing Figure 5 FwBW6R7&rFVBWFvw2ƖRF2RFW66W6RfW&WFV6bFRFV&F'V"BvBFBR&VBFB&vCFFRvB7FF&@bFF''W6svN( 2w&rvFFF''W6s6Sf'GVǒRFW2BGv6RF"6RF"WfVWfW'FW"FBFrW722v'FW7267FVBb6FVrFW6''W6r&V6VBGv6RЦFǒvW26GFFVBƖ6F'26G2'V&&V@rFRvvf&vB66WFVBfWFW&'&VF6V6&GV7G2FVFV7&V6RFRf&FbVRBF'F"B6Ff&vWGFrF66VGVRfrWFVFW֖F0&VfrFRVRBF'F"g&7&vB&@7W&f6W2BWG&7FrFVWFffV7FVB'Gf6V@W&FFF6V6RvFWBW&F2R6&PF&rW2ƗGFR6V6RVRBF'F"v6&WGW&BfRFRvvfgFW"FR6&VV6fP&&WfVF76W76VBBG&VFVBf6B66VGVPfrWFVBFF67W72F&VBVP6G&&w&6VFrFǒFV'FW&ǒ&V6V62FF"6Ɩ6RBVff67fwW&RT"FwBfW&WFVBFRFV&F'V"B2F0vRvF7WB7&vRrFBFRVvFfGb6r2WBbFRvf'v&BFvWGFrF( Ş( ( 6W2F( b( ҒgWGW&PV6Rग77VRBTuU5B#r#p