Vet360, December 2016 - Page 4

PRACTICE MANAGEMENT 5 Ways to Ruin a New Puppy or Kitten Visit Oriana D. Scislowicz, BS, LVT Don't deny the gift of a lifetime of care in your veterinary practice by making these common mistakes. The moment a new kitten or puppy owner walks through your clinic door, you've been gifted a golden opportunity. Similar to choosing healthcare for our human loved ones, owners want to find topnotch care for their pets. Their first visit is a chance to sell your services and your practice. But without the right preparation, you and your team members can slam the door on future visits from your new client. Consider these five ways you can flub clients' first experience at your practice: 1 ...Assume what clients can and can’t spend You’re not your clients’ personal accountant, so don’t play one. It’s not for you to decide who appears to have the funds to cover every possible pre- vet360 Issue 06 | DECEMBER 2016 | 4 ventive measure for a pet and to try to anticipate who will—or should—hold off. Often when we make these assumptions, they're inaccurate, and it offends our clients. It’s our responsibility to provide the treatment and preventive care options—from conservative to all the bells and whistles—and allow our clients to make those decisions. 2 ...Don't value a low-stress experience There's nothing more upsetting for a pet owner, especially someone new to pet ownership, than seeing their companion in distress. Our team looks more professional and caring when we take an extra few minutes to get to know our patients and move slowly with them. Always prioritise a patient’s needs over the task at hand.