Vet360, December 2016 - Page 39

S4 CORTAVANCE® Now, providing relief for canine Atopic Dermatitis is safer and easier than ever! S4 CORTAVANCE®, is the first registered veterinary topical cortisone skin treatment which provides powerful relief to pruritus in dogs without the known side effects of conventional corticosteroids. This is due to the revolutionary active ingredient Hydrocortisone Ace є! ݡɕ)Ѽѡͭ()QѡɕٽѥYɉѽ)YɉIMA䤁1ѐI9̼ܤ)Aɥمє `԰!݅!͔)MѠɥ)Q耠Ȥܴ耠Ȥܴ)ȁYѕɥ͔)I9̸̸ܼļЀЀāԤ)!ɽѥͽєЁ)ȁѥٔɕѵЁѽ)ɥѥɵѽ̸ͥ́(ĸIȁѼ͕ЁȁձɽՍЁɵѥ()%Ք) 5 H())M)ѡ)ɔ))Ѡ((0