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EDITOR / INDEX Editor’s Note Well another year is almost over. Looking back it’s hard to see where the time ran away. Anyway I hope some of you get a good break over the festive season and the rest take a break immediately thereafter! There have been some major advances in the management protocol of dogs with heart disease and there is an article by Dr Kenneth Joubert summarising the findings of the EPIC study which evaluated the effect of pimobendan in delaying the onset on clinical signs in patients with subclinical heart disease. When editing this I became aware of how much the “devil is in the detail” of inclusion criteria and end points and in comparing apples to apples. In the next edition I am planning a series of short articles on the drugs which we use in dogs with congestive heart disease and see if we can maximise the efficacy of our therapeutic interventions. The dentistry article is once again enlightening in a quick, image-based manner and I understand now why tennis balls cause such havoc with teeth. The article on itchy cats reminds us that we must not think of them as small dogs. We need to approach them, their clinical signs and their management in a very different manner. The CPD article on GDV is just a general overview of the syndrome and is a reminder to treat the patient and not the surgical condition only! Thank you to our Industry partners whose advertising has made it possible for us to put out this publication. We look forward to working with you again in 2017. I wish everyone a peaceful, happy and safe holiday season. Regards Advisory Board VET360 aims to be a leader in the field of continuing veterinary development in Southern Africa by providing veterinary professionals from diverse disciplines with tools to help them meet the challenges of private practice. The magazine aims to make information accessible, both paper and electronic, and provide clinical, business and other veterinary information in a concise form to enable the practitioner to rapidly acquire nuggets of essential knowledge. Editor Index: • 5 Ways to Ruin a New Puppy or Kitten Visit 4 • The ABCs of Veterinary Dentistry: "E" is for Enamel 6 • The Idiosyncrasies of Itchy Cats 12 • Practical Gastroinstestinal Function Testing 15 • Pimobendan: Treatment in Heart Disease 18 • Radiographic Pointers for Cardio Megaly 21 • Calculation of The Vertebral Heart Score (VHS) 22 • Lipid Rescue: a Novel Antidote? 24 • Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus: Controlling the crisis 26 • Journal Scan 33 • Introduction to The Reptile Integument 35 We are currently distributing with the VetNews. A win-win situation for SAVA, Vetlink and the reader. Non-SAVA members are urged to subscribe to ensure individual postage. To ensure receipt by post, please subscribe on PREVIOUS EDITION: August 2016 • Pulmonary Hypertension • Canine Interdigital Systs • Neck Pain in Small Dogs NEXT EDITION: January 2017 • Canine Epilepsy • Squamous Cell Cardinoma • Epidural Anaesthesia Vet360 is a source of current, relevant educational material for practising veterinary professionals in Southern Africa. Published Bi-monthly in hard copy and electronically on Distribution: Southern Africa, 3 500 copies. Copyright reserved. Disclaimer: Expressions of opinion, claims and statement of supposed facts do not necessarily reflect the views of the editor or publisher. Whilst every effort is made to report accurately, the publisher or the editor does not accept any liability with regard to any statement, advertisement, fact or recommendation made in this magazine. Dr. Liesel van der Merwe BVSc MMedVet (Med) Small Animals Practitioners Advisory Board Progressive practitioners to keep our content practical and relevant Dr Lindsey Cox (Squires) BSc (Hons), BVSc (Hons) Dr Natli Rouvoet, BVSc Dr Richard Smith, BVSc Hons Editorial Advisory Board Specialists evaluating the content, ensuring editorial quality and integrity Dr Lynette Bester, DVN, BVSc, MMedVet (Anaes) Dr Marlies Bohm, BVSc, DSAM, MMedVet (Small Animals) Dipl. ECVIM(CA) Dr Michael Gray, BVSc MMedVet (Surg) Small Animals Dr Stephen Hughes BVSc MMedVet (Therios) Dr Rick Last BVSc, MMedVet (Path) MRVSC Prof Fred Reyers BVSc (Hons) MMev Vet (KLD) Dr Tanya Schoeman BVSc, MMedVet, Dipl. ECVIM (CA) Dr Willemien van Wyk, BVSc Dr Anthony Zambellli BVSc, MMedVet Editor: Dr Liesel van der Merwe BVSc (Hons) MMedVet (Med) Small Animals. Layout and design: Riana Grobler & Marielle Tappan Publisher and Owner: Vetlink Publications Other Publications by Vetlink: Vet360 Mobile App, Livestock Healt [X[ۈ]Y]R\]Z[HX[\]BH[YH[H[Y[۝X][ۜXY\[ۜ[]\܈XX][ۋ[[H΂HY]܋ ̋ԓSы •[ LH MNL   MH H^  HNL ‘[XZ[Y\[]]XZ[ BY\[[\Y\JBY\\[[]Z\Y\ΈHX\\][˂XY[Y[[Z\ΈXY[Y[][˘˞BXY[Y[[Z\’\YH PSPT M ‚