Vet360, December 2016 - Page 29

CPD ACCREDITED ARTICLE magnitude of the volvulus. Perforation of a compromised stomach can happen with placing an orogastric tube, but measuring from the chin to the xiphoid before introducing the tube may help prevent stomach perforation. To help intubation, it may be beneficial to stand the dog on its hindlimbs. If the intubation is successful, stomach lavage is required to empty the stomach. Evaluate the color and content of the fluid coming back after stomach lavage. Hemorrhagic fluid or black necrotic tissue fragments are indications of stomach wall necrosis. If intubation is not successful, percutaneous gastrocentesis with 18-ga needles is an option to decompress the stomach. Percutaneous gastrocentesis is performed on the right side. It is important to make sure the spleen has not been displaced in the right side of the abdomen. Percussion over the site of gastrocentesis with a dull sound would tend to indicate that the spleen has been displaced. If the spleen is present, gastrocentesis cannot be performed. Abdominal contamination is a risk after percutaneous gastrocentesis, especially if large trocars are used. After percutaneous gastrocentesis, orogastric intubation can be tried again. the pylorus with your right hand and pull it ve [H\HXZ[[[\[ۈ[H\[H[\™ܜ[H[HXZ[[]]H][\Y[ HY[H[[ۈوHXX Y[Xܜ[ۈ\\[ \ܛHH[X^H]][\[H\[\YXKY\\][ۋ][X]HHXX[Y[܂\[ZX[\Y\ˈ\X[KHY[Yۜو[\ۙ\[ۈ]\ܘ]ZXHY\\][ۈقHXX [X^H\[X]YYX\قH[X\\H\\[ HX[HوH\[›وH]XH[X]XH\[\ܚ]\[ۋ][X][\X[\\[ۈ\YX[ X] Hق]]HH]][\Y\X[\]Z\[™\X^KMH\[ZX[\H\[[[ۛB[H[X\XH[ۙHܙX]\\]\KؚX]Hܚ]\XH^\][X]HH\X[ HX[HوH\\[X]KH[HܙY[\ ]Yܘ^H\[܋H[\X[ HX[HوH\[‚Y][ۘ[[Y\[H\B\XX]HYYH][X]YYܙH\\K]X[X[][ۋ\][X[\XX\XK[[X[\XX\XH\HH[[[ۈ\]ZX\˜\X]Y]K MK H\X[HH\]ZX\\\]][KܜX[ۈوXY X\H[X[[\›ZY[ܜXH\]ZX\ˈH\[[\\[H\]Z\Y[\[HXY X\H]\وB]Y[[H][HXYX܈[[XˌM\X[X]Y[\X[[\[[ۈ\\]Z\YY\H]Y[\YYX[HX[\Y[\X[Y[Y\ۈ\XKMH[^YY\\H[ܙX\\H[X[܈\X[Y[XH[Xܛ\[[\\\\XX[BYHXX\]Y ͌YܙY\ˈYH\\H\™[^YY \XX\]ZX\[][ []]H\]ZX\][[H][ ͈\Y\B\X[]][ۈ\\KH\Hو\\\H\\]HHXX ][X]HHXX[[Y[܈\[ZX[\K[\ܛHH\^K\][ۂY[H\\KXHH[ܜ[X[X[K[\ܛHHZY[H[[^KH\[ۈ[^HۈHYYK\ۈ[[HXZ[[]]KY[[H[Hݙ\[HXX Xۙ\\HXYۛ\ˈHXX[HX\\YYZ[YܙH\][ۈ]H\Hܛ\XXKY\Y[YZ[H[ܝ\[H[\ܘ\ˈXܛ\وHHوHXX[ۙHܙX]\\]\KH\܈[X[Hو\\[\\Hܚ]\XH\Y™][X]HHXX[8&\XX[]KوH]XH[X]XH[\Y [X›وYY[Y\H\X[Xۙ\[\[ۈ\HYۜق\X[]][\][ۈ Y\H K\X^BYHHوHXX[ۙHܙX]\\]\HقHXX[\XܛXH\X^H\\]Z\Y [ۜ\H]Z[XN\X^H]Z]\Y][ۘ[]\HX\]YH܈\[]\KXHXXٙHHXZ[[]]H][\[Y\\^Hۙ\ˈ]XHX[BXX]^H]\\][\X[YKYH]\HX\]YH\\Y Y][ۈوH[\›وHܝ\X\\Y\[Y\\\X\\B\Z[H\XH\\]Z\Y \XHXܛX\B\YH PSPT M B