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CPD ACCREDITED ARTICLE Article sponsored by Petcam® Article reprinted with the permission of Advanstar. The article was originally printed in VETERINARY MEDICINE October 2012. VETERINARY MEDICINE is a copyrighted publication of Advanstar. Communications inc. All rights reserved. Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus: Controlling the crisis Eric Monnet, DVM, PhD, FAHA, DACVS, DECVS Although widely recognised, gastric dilatation-volvulus is still not fully understood. This overview provides up-to-date information on the possible causes, risk factors, diagnosis, and treatment of this life-threatening syndrome. Gastric dilatation-volvulus (GDV) is an acute medical and surgical condition caused by several pathophysiologic effects that occur secondary to gastric distention and malpositioning. Dilatation Or Volvulus—Which Comes First? Stomach dilatation is caused by air, gas, and fluid accumulation. Air accumulation in the stomach is most likely caused by aerophagia. The fermentation of carbohydrate by bacteria and the production of gas in the acidic environment of the stomach contribute to gas accumulation. Ingesta, gastric secretions, and transudate from venous obstruction contribute to the accumulation of fluids in the stomach. It is unknown if volvulus of the stomach occurs before dilatation or vice versa. Volvulus could occur first 66R@2&VVF7VVFVB6RFVG2vFWBv7G&0FFFWFv7G&2ƖvVG2fR&VVfVBF&R6vf6FǒvW"Fw2vFtEbvFFRVРfWC3c77VRbDT4T$U"#b#`vF"7G&WF6rbFRWFv7G&2ƖvVG2FP7F66Gv7Bv66w2FBfgVW26VB67W"f'7BfgVW2v&W7VB66W6bFRvW"W6vV77FW"BFR'W2FW2FFFv67W"&V6W6RbFRfW&VFFbv7G&26FVBv7G&2FFF2&VVFv6VBFw2vFW@fgVW2BFw2FBfRBv7G&WW&v2FVFR"6W6RbFFFvVG&v7G&2&W77W&R7&V6W2BƖVǒ6&W76W2FRvW W6vV77FW"v7BFRF&vBFW&fW&W2vFG2VrG&v7G&2&7FW&B&7FW&fW&VFF&W7VBgW'FW"v7G&2F7FVFFRF7FVFVB7F66FV&FFR66RFRWFv7G&0ƖvVG2&R7G&WF6VB"@&6f7F'0FVv7WFRtEb2&VV&V6v6VBf"琧V'2Fw2G2W7B6W6R27FB6V&ǒVFW'7FN( Fǒ&6f7F'2fR&VVFVFfVC