Vet360, December 2016 - Page 23

ADVERTORIAL Dr. Phil Reese “This information is very practical, and can be used to improve decision making in relation to clinical mitral valve disease cases seen by both specialists and GP’s. The findings firmly entrench the important and exclusive role of pimobendan in the therapeutic approach to this disease. The EPIC trial is an important step forward in veterinary science in general, as it not only provides important new information, but models meticulous scientific investigation which is sadly often lacking in the veterinary literature. The quality and attention to detail from the planning phase through execution and collating results is virtually unprecedented.”   Dr. Paolo Pazzi “The content of the symposium was directed not only at the specialist but at the application and importance to private practitioners. This made the symposium relevant and extremely useful in the application of the information created by the research. This pertains not only to the EPIC trial, but also the research currently available regarding the use of pimobendan in cats. The EPIC trial results are a game-changer! There is so much research out there and so much of it is inconclusive or fraught with complications to its application. But the EPIC study has created  information that ͕́հ ݥѡ݅)ݔѡѡɕѵЁ ɑ͕͔ ȁ)ɅѥЁݥ䁄ɕѕȁյȁ́ݥչɝɑɅѼѕɵѡ䁙Ёѡ)ɥѕɥȁɱɕѵЀɔ Ʌمٔ)͕͔t()́A餰Ḭ ѕȁ-ѹȁ她ɕ()QY饹ѡ䤁ݥٕɕѼȁхɕ)ձ́ѼѡY饹ȁ͵9ѡݕͥє((aQI+$$($+$$+$$($()ՅՉ͍ɥѥѼѡɐ䁽ѡI٥܁5饹1ٕѽ!Ѡ)AɽՍѥI٥ܤ)́ѼY AѕЁ Aѥѕ̤)Iձȁ́ȁYՉ͍ɥ́ɕYͥ́Ʌѥ)Ёݕ̀Iѕȁѡɽ՝ܹٕѱ鄤)MՉ͍ɥ܁Ѐ؁IѕHȀȁՕ̸YͥЁܹٕٕѱ()եɥ́MMU M I% Pܹٕٕѱ)ܹٕѱ鄁ٕѱ鄁Ȁ؀()A=]I d)%Ք؁ 5 H؁()YՉ͍ɥ́ɕٔ()MՉ͍ɥѥ=((0