Vermont Bar Journal, Vol. 40, No. 2 Vermont Bar Journal, Spring 2017, Volume 43, No. 1 - Page 6

Column 6 issue of the ABA Journal. 10 At some level, our law school selves were not interested only in helping others, but in using the law to help others. What was it about the law that made us feel that way? For me, I recall being struck by the law’s ability to bring order to chaos. Related, I remember well the inspiration I drew from the debates that we had in class. Not so much the substantive legal positions that we argued for and against, but the dignity that the law brought to argument. In short, until I arrived at law school, I had almost no appreciation for the importance of a pro- cess for the civil resolution of disputes. Perhaps it’s age, or maybe naivete, but I cannot help but worry that civility has been lost to the harsh cold of winter, frozen in another time. Yet, I