Vermont Bar Journal, Vol. 40, No. 2 Vermont Bar Journal, Spring 2017, Volume 43, No. 1 - Page 16

Ruminations of address, enrollment or separation from a postsecondary educational institution, change of employment, change of name, or moving to a residence with a child under 18 years of age within three days to the De- partment of Public Safety. 42 When a party against whom a judgment for affirmative relief fails to plead or de- fend, but has appeared in the action, the clerk shall enter a default upon three days’ notice. 43 Any legislative bill presented to the gov- ernor within three days before adjourn- ment of the legislature and not signed within three days fails to become a law. 44 If you receive a parking ticket, and you’ve not been convicted of more than two park- ing ordinances violations within the same calendar year, you may file a statement and admit the violation, waive the issuance of any process and trial by jury, and pay the penalty, unless the police court deems the penalty to be excess of the prescribed amount. 45 Persons having the statutory right to de- termine the disposition of a decedent’s body forfeit that right three days following notice of death or within five days of the time of death, whichever is earlier. 46 Some statutes have adopted the rule that mail, properly addressed, is deemed deliv- ered three days from the day it is sent. 47 Intentionally or without good cause fail- ing to return a rental or leased car after 72 hours from the time scheduled to return can subject you to a criminal charge. 48 No person awaiting examination or trial before the Superior Court who has been committed to a local jail can be held for longer than 72 hours, unless the court ex- tends the time. 49 When bees are brought into the state, a certificate of inspection must be provided the Secretary of Agriculture within 72 hours after entry into the state. 50 Five Days When the General Assembly enacts a bill and the legislature remains in session, the Governor has five days within its present- ment to sign the bill or return it (vetoing it), or the bill becomes law as if the Governor had signed it. 51 Five business days is the time custodians of the minutes of public meetings have to provide copies of those records. When the town or agency has a website, those re- cords must be posted there and remain on the site for at least one year. 52 Alcohol beverage tasting events must file application forms with the Department of Liquor Control at least five days prior to the event. 53 16 Seven Days Once you receive a notice of violation (NOV) from the zoning administrator, you have seven days to cure the violation. 54 Custodians of public records have seven days to produce them when the records are in active use or in storage. They must give notice of this delay and provide a date and hour when the records will be produced. 55 A defendant detained pretrial for more than seven days in a correctional facility for lack of bail may apply for home deten- tion. 56 The State has seven days to appeal a dis- missal order of an indictment or informa- tion on one or more counts after the order has been rendered. 57 It has seven days to appeal an entry of judgment or order in a criminal case except where there is a sen- tence of life imprisonment. 58 The State’s motion for interlocutory ap- peals in a criminal action must be filed with- in seven days of the decision. 59 Ten Days A motion to alter, which is decidedly not a motion to reconsider, although that is its principal purpose, is due in ten days. 60 This is the same deadline for motions for a new trial. 61 Ten-day deadlines are calendar days. Holidays and weekends do not count. When service of a notice or other docu- ment is required and sent by mail, three additional calendar days are added to the ten, unless the paper filing is served by the court or it is electronically sent. 62 This leads to an anomaly, when Christmas and New Year’s Day fall during the work week, where a ten-day deadline can be longer than a 15-day deadline. Filed on Christmas Eve, there will be two holidays and four week- end days that aren’t counted with a ten- day deadline, making the ten-day response due 16 days after service. A reply to a response to a motion in the Civil Division is due within ten days after receipt (“service”) of the memorandum in opposition to the original motion. 63 A temporary relief-from-abuse order must be followed within ten days by a fi- nal hearing. 64 An interlocutory appeal in a civil case must be filed within ten days after entry of the order or ruling appealed from. 65 Fourteen Days After receiving the results of a grievance before the listers, property owners have fourteen days after the date of mailing to appeal the decision to the Board of Civil Authority. 66 In a civil action, the Superior Court may reopen the time to file an appeal for 14 THE VERMONT BAR JOURNAL • SPRING 2017 days after the date when its order to re- open is entered if the reopening motion is filed within 90 days of entry of the judg- ment or order or within seven days of re- ceipt of notice of the judgment or order, whichever is earlier or if the party entitled to notice does not receive the notice within 21 days of its entry. V.R.C.P. 4(c). Fifteen Days Within fifteen days, you must appeal a decision of a zoning administrator and if you are late you cannot challenge it again. 24 V.S.A. § 4465(a). Answers to motions in the Civil Division are due in fifteen calendar (not business) days. 67 Thirty Days The State must notify defendants of its intent to introduce evid ѡȁ)ȁ͕̰٥͔ȁ)аȁͅѕѥ䁽)ɕչȁѕ啅́ȁх)ͅͽЁɥЁЀ́)ɔɥ)5Ёͥ́хєȁչ)́䁉䁙)ѥѡMɥȁ Ёݥѡ(́ѡͥѡ䁽ѡ)ͥЁչѕ)QMхє̀́Ѽ)ѕȁ䁽ѡՑЁȁɑȁ)ɥ͕́ɕձѥ͕ѕ)ɥͽЁݡɔѡЁ́)ٕ݅)䁅́ѕѥѥٔȁՍ)ͥ́ݥѡ́ȁȁՉɍձͥ́ݥѠ)́ɥȁѼхѥɔЁɔ)եɕѼɕѕѕ)%ѕɽѽɥ́ɕՕ́ѼɽՍ)͡ݕɕݥѡ́ѕȁ͕ȴ)٥)ЁѥѕȀ́ɽ͔)͍ٕ䰁䁵䁙ѥ)յ䁩ՑиQɕ͔́Ք)ѡȀ̸)ٔ)ɽɥєչϊQ)̰ͥ齹ɑ)ѵаٕЁɕ٥)ɑϊQٔԁ́ݥѡ)ѡɥ́ɵ̰مɥ̰)̰ȁݡЁ́ɕՕѕ́Ʌѕ)Ʌѥܸ)9)Aͽ́٥ѕɥ́ѥѥ)ѡЁѼɕՍѡȁ͕ѕ́ݥѡ(́ѡͥѥѡ)ܹщȹ