Vermont Bar Journal, Vol. 40, No. 2 Vermont Bar Journal, Spring 2017, Volume 43, No. 1 - Page 15 Thirty-Six Hours Operators must file reports for motor- boat accidents within 36 hours with the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles. 31 If the appropriate state or local author- ity fails to assume responsibility for dece- dent’s remains of a written notice from a fu- neral director or crematory operator, when there is no surviving family member after reasonable efforts to locate them, the di- rector or operator may determine the final disposition of the remains. 32 Physicians or those filling out death cer- tificates must deliver a copy to the family of the deceased or undertaker within 36 hours after death. 33 There is a 36-hour period during which a parent whose consent to the adoption of a minor is required may execute a consent or relinquishment, and a 21-day period fol- lowing for revocation. 34 Forty-Eight Hours Power companies must mark all under- ground utility facilities within 48 hours, ex- clusive of weekends or holidays, after re- ceiving notice of proposed excavation on property. 35 When the director of professional regu- lation takes final disciplinary action against a boxer, promoter or manager, the director THE VERMONT BAR JOURNAL • SPRING 2017 must report the results to the Association of Boxing Commissions within 48 hours. 36 For 48 hours before a regatta or race and 48 hours thereafter, motorboats shall be muffled, reducing the maximum machine operating noise level to no more than 82 decibels at 50 feet, in the normal operating environment. 37 All aircraft accidents resulting in personal injury or damage to property must imme- diately notify the Agency of Transportation and within 48 hours file a report of the ac- cident. 38 Lobbyists must register with the Secre- tary of State within 48 hours of commenc- ing lobbying activities, and lobbyist em- ployers have the same requirement within 48 hours of engaging a lobbyist. 39 or her into protective custody, which in no event shall exceed 24 hours. 24 A physician must furnish a death certifi- cate within 24 hours of the death, including a true statement of the cause of death and other facts required on an official form. 25 Retail dealers of cigarettes and tobacco products must affix proper stamps evidenc- ing payment of taxes on the items within 24 hours of possession. 26 Inmates of correctional facilities must be screened for signs of mental condition or psychiatric disability or disorder or serious functional impairment within 24 hours of admittance. 27 Municipalities must restore water and sewer service to persons who have been disconnected or interrupted on account of failures to pay for these services within 24 hours of payment or an agreement to pay. 28 Convicted vagrants who are unable to pay fines within 24 hours shall be impris- oned for as many days as twice the num- ber of dollars in the sentence, including the costs of detention and commitment. 29 Trappers hunting hare or rabbits must vis- it their traps at least once every 24 hours. 30 These statutes requiring twenty-four hours to do something indicate the mos @W&vVBb&&FW2fW&BrFW&P&R66WVV6W2f"fƖrFRF0FVFƖRF&VRF0RW7B&W'B66FVG2ffpEg26v&W2"F"fV6W06W6rFvR"W'vFs"W'0bFR6FVBCFR7W7FFbV&Ɩ2&V6&B0F&VR'W6W72F2g&FRFFRbFP&WVW7BFFVFgFR&V6&G2F&RvFЦVB2WVBg&FRV&Ɩ2&V6&G0rF2F6RW7B6VFRFR76W'FV@7FGWF'&62f"FR6BF6R`&vBFVC6WffVFW'2W7B&W'BFV"6vPP