Vermont Bar Journal, Vol. 40, No. 2 Vermont Bar Journal, Fall 2017, Vol. 48, No. 3 - Page 8

PURSUITS OF HAPPINESS Martial Artist — An Interview with Jim Goss Jennifer Emens-Butler: I am here in Rut- land with Jim Goss to interview him for our Pursuits of Happiness column. We are al- ways looking for lawyers who have pas- sions and talents outside of the practice of law, and I had heard through the grapevine that you are very experienced and have a strong interest in martial arts. Jim Goss: That is correct, and specifical- ly the Asian martial arts, since martial arts is a very broad term which encompasses the entire globe. JEB: My only experience is with Tae- kwondo which seems to be something that kids do in the area. It is great for disci- pline, performance and strength. My son, he made it up to red belt, but it seems common that around the age of 10 or so kids decide whether it is something they really want to do long term and then, only the really serious folks stay involved. So, did you start when you were little? JG: Well, I will tell you my life story. JEB: Ok, start from the beginning, Jim. JG: When I was 12 years old, I was beat- en senseless by a street gang in New York City on my way to school, and for the next 3 years, I lived a cloistered life, afraid of my own shadow and really sort of imploding on myself, because it was a very, very trau- matic experience. JEB: Oh my gosh, beaten up by a whole group of people and you were only 12?! JG: Oh, yes. This was probably 10-12 late-teenaged kids who saw a younger kid walking to school with his backpack and just dragged him into an alley and beat the daylights out of him for the fun of it. I won’t go into graphic detail, but it was truly hor- rendous. JEB: You were hospitalized? JG: I was taken to the emergency room, and they sent me home the same day, but I had a concussion, cracked ribs and mul- tiple other fractures and injuries. As I said f"FRWB2V'2&66ǒƗfVB2bB&VVG&VFVB&V6W6RB&VVतT#'6WFVǒ&V6W6RRvW&RतsגfFW"v2'&Gv7F"@7F'22w&WFVBF&RffVBFЧfW'6R7FfFW2FB&RBb( WBFW&^( ЦBR&VFǒv2Fƶr&WBvBv2vrF&VvvF6Rb2g&VG2RbFVWfFVFǒ6B( R&Vǐ6VBvWBF'F'B&V6W6R@vVB&&&ǒ'&rWBbF2gV氣FBR2BFWfV6R62F@֖vBVFW"bRWfW"vG2W6֖"6GVF( 6BFRvRbRגfFW"FRFvFFW27V&RBF( BrrRfVBFR'F2ЧV"6SbBv2&V6VFVB"bPW7N( bतT#V&"vFWfW"&vCs&vB'WBBv2&fR7G&@vBv2FV6W&W2&VBƖvBF7G&7B6&66ǒ2VrFVVvW"v0F'W7BF6WGFrvFVvvW&RFV"#( 2B32BFvBGW&VBW@F&RfW'fW2&FR66FBv0F&W2f"&Vr66ǒFVv@fW'fvFr&VFVBFBv26'B`rvBFF2तT#vrFN( 2&rvRFffW&V6PGW&rF6RV'2vW&RR6BSsvVB6FBv2B6v2vFRBv2fW'vVvBBWbЦW"FR7'G2bB&Vf&R@גf'7BbF2FB66vW&RG'VǒƖfR6vrWW&V6R&V6W6R7BbЧFVBv2VW7Fb7W'ffvRFW&7F6VBbFR&FRf&2"FBFR&W7BBv2fW'V6&ЦVFVBFfvFr7BbFRVRvvW&RFB66B&VVfvFrFV"ƗfW2f"&Vg&FRFRFWvW&PfW'66vW&R6662vW&R6V&GvVBvƲfbFR7G&VWBFFR66B6VvRFRFfvFW"FRF( `T#FWBFV&FRF66ƖPFFVv6'&V7CsW2'WBBv2FVfFVǒBFV6fVVǒ6RBBv2&WBfvFr@FRf7BFB7W'ffVBF6Rf'7BbF07FW2RT#B6VG2ƖRfRsBFFrR&WB`F26fRgFV6VBח6Vbv7GV6FBWBvfVvW&R6Rg&BF&VƗVBגV'BFBbFB@7F6BWBFW&RגƖfRv2vrF&PfW"&V6W6RBVBW6FRbגЧ6VbgFW"&VrF&VvvBB&VVF&VvBFRǒvv2vrFvWB&WBBv2FW'6WfW&RFB6GRЦFतT#vVFWF( BfvBF7GVǐfƖ7B"W'WR7'&rFVvsRfRF&VV&W"F2v0&6FRV&ǒs( 2Bv2&&&ǐ'BbFR&BvVW&FbW&62FV&&FRFRVRvvW&R& FRvW&RFR6FW'2vvVBFЧFvB'&VvB&FR&6FFRVFVB7FFW2BFBFRvR@6fWGvV"FW&RvW&RƖ&ƗG&RЦV6W2FW&Rv2FrƖRvBvRfPrतT#BBb'VW3svVFW&RvW&R'VW2'WBFWvW&P( fW&R( F7vW"W"VW7F7@vG26V&GvVBvFFR7ЧF6WFW2FWvVBvƲWBFЦW"FW2FWBF&R6'&VBWBFW&PDRdU$B$"U$( "d#pT#g&FW"66"g&FP7G&VWCs&Fg&FR7G&VWBBg&ЦFW"66B&&&ǒ6rF2ЧV +FVFW2FRBV'2FBG&VBWr&6VRvVBvưB6( ĒW&RFFRFR&BЦFW7BwWW&^( BFRFV6W"vV@W7B6FRb2&6&VG2( vFP6&RbF2( ФT#BFR66W2FBFpvVBVvvW&R6Ɩ'WBPvVB7FƗfRfV"तsW2FB2W7Fǒ&vBW7BvƲЦrF66FR&rB&V6P76&RFB266तT#vr6vRrvgVतsrvFVRFBf"FRf'7@V"FB6WGFrFWvVBf&ǒ( V7( ЦR&V6W6Rv2VvW"'WBw&GRЦǒfW"FRFW7F'FVBG&VFrRƖPRbFR&2FW&RvW&RvVF266’FRf'7BV"7FvBFRF wwrgF&"&