Vermont Bar Journal, Vol. 40, No. 2 Vermont Bar Journal, Fall 2017, Vol. 48, No. 3 - Page 26

New org. Thank you to the many lawyers and law firms which contributed to another suc- cessful Access to Justice Campaign. Un- der the able co-chairmanship of Gary Karnedy and Rob McClellan, the Campaign raised over $133,000 to fund Poverty Law Fellow Mairead O’Reilly and the work she has undertaken regarding the opioid cri- sis, and to supplement the VBF competi- tive grant funds. As always, we strive to bring you the lat- est membership products and services, as evidenced by the numerous sponsors and exhibitors at our major meetings, and as detailed in the “Affinity Partners” section on the website. Be sure to take advantage of the substantial discounts available for a wide variety of products and services, in- cluding consulting, credit card processing, practice management, health insurance, personal insurances, retirement, marketing software, professional liability insurance, rental cars, software training and shipping. None of the above accomplishments would have been possible without the hard work and complete dedication of the amaz- ing VBA staff. CFO Lisa Maxfield, Commu- nications and Education Director Jennifer Emens-Butler, Programs Coordinator Laura Welcome, Legal Access Coordinator Mary Ashcroft, Office Administrator Tami Bald- win and our newest member, LRS Coordi- nator Lalitha Mailwaganam, are tremen- dously skilled at their jobs, and work hard to bring as much value as possible to your membership dollar. I am indebted to them, as well as to the VBA Board of Managers for providing excellent leadership for your Vermont Bar Association. Please know that we are all at your ser- vice, and appreciate whatever recommen- dations you might have to bring even more value to your VBA membership. WANTED: LEGAL FICTION Fancy yourself a fiction writer? The next Grisham? The Vermont Bar Journal is not just for scholarly l Y[\\][ۜH[]HX[ۂ۝\܈[X]HXKB][ۈ܈[\ܚوXB[ۋZ]\^KYHݙH] HX^H[]HXZ][\YYܚوY[X[ۂ ܙ܈\HX\ܙˈ\^XY[B\X[X\ K M˂TRSHx&T“HRTQBؙ\ K MΈ[\Y][ٙXH MΈ\˜[X܈X[\]H[X[ۈ^\ [ܛX][ۈX\]H[ MH\]^K[۝[Y\ˍHܙY]]Z[XBH[H[H\[[X]H^U^\[H\[\[\ܝ[X\X\]HXˈ۸&]Z\\\[X[B܈X[\]HX][ۙ\[Yۈ[ٙ\^]\[Z[]\[Z\[ۙ\&\\YX]\\[\\[\BY\X[ۈ[\X\X\]HX˂ؙ\ L L MΈH L[X[YY][ \X[و\[۝XXBH[ۋ\[ۂ ܙY] [Y[ ]XN ܈\X[•x&\HX[[ٙ\^H][[][]X[][[˜]H[ݚY\[[[ݚ[ۈY^HܚXH[\YKB[ۜۛܝ[]Y\\\YX\[]Y]X[ B[H\[\^][ۋ]Y[KZ[[\[\X]X\[Hܚ[Z[[\[K8'^H\H^x'H[\][[\\]KY\[ܚ[Z[[X[]\YHY^HH LXX[ۂ[Y]\H\ ][UPSԑHBؙ\ L[HH[^Hو\X[[\[۝ \ݙYœ]\ٞHH][\وYZ\[ۈY\[\[۝XXH[Y\K LJJ JH[ MJJKSUHTHUTBݙ[X\ MK M”X[\]H]^H]H\]ۋˈ\[ۂX[X\ K M[X[[ܝ\HY^HK][ۈ[X\H L L NSZY U[\]]H\]ۋ[۝X[X\  Nx&\ \ZY VYX\YY][]H\]ۋˈ\[ۂHTSӕTTS8(S M˝\ܙ