Vermont Bar Journal, Vol. 40, No. 2 Vermont Bar Journal, Fall 2017, Vol. 48, No. 3 - Page 23

GOVERNMENT AND NON-PROFIT SECTION By: James Porter, Esq. The Government and Non-Profit Division was pleased to have sponsored a session at the 2017 Mid-Year Meeting in March.  The session, Representing Non-Profits and Re- cords Requests, was presented at the request of several division members.  The speakers were Beth Novotny and James Porter. We would like to contribute to future CLE ses- sions and welcome suggestions from mem- bers as to topics. HEALTH LAW SECTION By: Drew Kervick and Elizabeth Wohl, Esqs. Following up on its successful CLE on phy- sician contracting at last year’s VBA Annual Meeting, the health law section is organizing a year-in-review presentation at this Fall’s VBA meeting.  The session will feature Elizabeth Wohl, general counsel at the Brattleboro Re- treat, and Jessica Oski, senior managing as- sociate at the Necrason Group, and will focus on the latest developments in the rapidly de- veloping field of health law.  As always, the health law section encourages its members to reach out to and with ideas for future health law events and publications. IMMIGRATION LAW SECTION Chair: Sidney Collier, Esq. The past year has been very active in the immigration field, commencing with the Exec- utive Orders issued in January regarding en- try into the US. Section Chair Sidney Collier kept the Section informed through VBA Con- nect as to the January orders and revised Ex- ecutive Orders in March. On April 20, 2017, the VBA convened an Immigration Workshop CLE with information on how to assist immi- grants in need, presented by Sidney Collier, Debbie Volk and Leslie Holman (with a special appearance by TJ Donovan). Sidney Collier and Erin Jacobsen presented another immi- gration workshop at the Solo and Small Firm Conference at Basin Harbor in Maine. The Section expects to continue elevated activ- ity in the next 6 months in anticipation of any potential DACA legislation and other changes we will likely see. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LAW SECTION By: Andrew Manitsky, Esq. The Intellectual Property Section present- ed on “Recent Developments in Intellectual Property Law” at the VBA Annual Meeting in Lake Morey Resort.  The presenters were Sec- tion members Mark Chadurjian, Gary Frank- lin, Andrew Manitsky, Justin McCabe, Gordon Troy, and Thomas Valente.  They discussed various topics, including the D VfVBG&FR6RЦ7&WG27BFVf6F77VW2BFW6vFVG2FR6V7FvfRVVЦ&W'2FRVVBr( v&6RЧfW7FvF>( 4RBF2V.( 2d$VVWFrW6RW"6W'f6RF&W6fRFV"F7WFW2"vW@FW"GF&WFv&FV"66W2औDU$Dr`$5D4R4T5D'&WGFvW"W7FRd$( <*FW&Frb&7F6R6V2ЧF2&FVǒSV&W'2BVЦvvW2&VwV"f&V&W"FVЦ&W"&W6W&6\*6&rB7&72&VfW'& *6V2ЧF6,*&WGFvW"V&Ɨ6VB'FЦ6R*FRvFW"#b#|*77VRbFRfW"ЦB&,*W&VFFVBFRFW6v@VVFFbv&B6W'BbV&vG2 *FB'F6R6&6W2&VvǒfW"ЧV"Vff'BFFW6v7FGWFRf"7W&ЧF6W'BFBvVBbVVFVBVgFRW&7'VFV6RB&6VGW&Rf"FRЧVVFFbFRw&vr&GbV&Ɩ0FW&FV&vG2r *GW&rFPFW6v6R&&v旦VB6W&W2l*fBЦV*6fW&V6W2F&Vvv6FVbVFrЦW2*6FV֖72B&7FFW'26&&FV@F7&VFRFR&W6VBG&gB *&Rf&F6&RfVBBwwrv&F6W'FfVЧ&vG2WB *gW'FW&6RbF2v&*&G&fVVBFFR#2#BB#\*VWBЦw2bFRv&B6VbW7F6W2V6rF *FBw&W27G&vǒVF'6V@FRVff'Bv62rf7W6VBvWGFpFR( G&VGbV6~( FRvVF`FRF&B6֗GFVRbFRVFVBF2FR6֗GFVRvF7V&V7BGFW"W&6F2ЧFfW"GFW'2ffV7FrV&vG2 *VbЦf'G2&R7W'&VFǒVFW"vFV&Ɨ6&RЧf6VBfW'6bFR'F6RFR6&Pl*FRW&6&"766F( 2VFrRЦ&vG2V&Ɩ6F2 *GW&rFR7BV" *6V7FV&W'2fR67FfVǒVЦvvVBvF*FRfW&BFW&FG&FPƖ6RL*FRfW&B6V6v&@ff'2 *V&W'2&RV6W&vVBF7@VW7F2"66W2bFRFFR6V7F( 06VGd$6V7B*UdTRr4T5D'V'6W7FRWfVRr6V7FB6WfW&fW'&ǒGFVFVBVWFw2V&ǒFRV"*FW&Rv26RVFW66&WBw&Fr"ЧF6W2f"FRfW&B&"W&*FR6V2ЧFFW6( B6VVF&RgVǒWFƗrFRWpd$6V7B77FV*F26V7F62Ц6Ɨ6&RbV&W'2&RvƖrFW@Vff'BFB$"BTTB4T5D'7FWVVƗ2W7ख6&&FvFFRFVV7GV&ЦW'Gr6V7FW"T6V7F2&W"ЦrWFVFVB&w&f"FRd$VVWFr7F&W"2#rf7W6rFWF6v&6RfW7FvF* *ХDRdU$B$"U$( "d#p#0