Vermont Bar Journal, Vol. 40, No. 2 Vermont Bar Journal, Fall 2017, Vol. 48, No. 3 - Page 22

New CRIMINAL LAW SECTION By: Dan Maguire, Esq. This coming year the Criminal Law Section plans to actively engage our community by soliciting our members as to what changes - additions, amendments or deletions to the Vermont Rules of Criminal Procedure would best benefit the effective administration of justice.  Section Chair Dan Maguire will take proposals to the Supreme Court’s Criminal Rules Advisory Committee for consideration and adoption.   The Criminal Law Section will also be spon- soring additional programs and seminars throughout the year including an upcoming seminar on Implicit Bias in the Criminal Jus- tice System which will be presented at the VBA Annual Meeting on Friday, October 13, 2017 at the Burlington Hilton.   Comments are welcome and can be direct- ed to Dan Maguire at Dan@maguirelawvt. com or VBA Connect via the Criminal Law Community. DISPUTE RESOLUTION SECTION By: Emily Gould and Richard Hecht, Esqs. The DR section hosted a well-attended CLE at the VBA Mid-Year meeting on the topic of Apology.  We were fortunate to have Jim Spink and Erica Smart participate as panel- ists with DR chair, Emily Gould. Also this year, we formed an alliance with the newly formed Vermont Family Mediators association (VFAM) and hope that this will support the continuing learning of our Section members. Finally, after more than a decade of serving as Chair or Co- Chair, Emily Gould announced that she will be stepping down from leadership.  ELDER LAW SECTION By: Glenn Jarrett, Esq. The Elder Law Section co-sponsored Ver- mont NAELA’s annual Summit. The 2017 Sum- mit is focusing on three timely topics: Plan- ning for Camps and Second Homes; Financial Exploitation of E \[Y][\]˂[Y][ۋX[ۈY[X\]Y]YYY\][ۈۈ[[X[^]][ۂو[\[]H[ܛX[YXHX]BY\][ۈ]ܛ^H[\[8&\ٙXHY[KB\˂STӓQSSUPSӂN\[\[ \Kݙ\H\YX\H]HY[XZ܂[\[\[\ۛY[[[XX][]HXX\˰H\[۝XX\XB\\H\[۝XX][]HKBZ\[ۋHP\H]Z\X[[B۞H\X[]H[YHو\\[ BY[H\ۜ[[]]ܛ^\ۈ[B\ۛY[[]Y][ۈ[Y[[PœXXH[ۈHYZ\X[]Hو^\\[[۞H[\^]Y][ۋHZ\\[[[Y[[؝\\X”PXXK\\[HH[\ۛY[[XBHTSӕTTS8(S M[ۈ[H[^HHܘ[HX[[˜[ݙ\Y]وH]XX\XH\KKPH]Y]\[[H KL [H\B\[ۈوY\Y]\[H] [Y]\B[۝^ [Y[HY]HKB[S\YX][ۈوۙY[[KB\H[[[\\[]\˰Y\[\]Hۈ[\H[[\ۛY[[Y\KB[ۈ[H M\[ۋH[H\\[ۂۈ]]ܞH[\H\[۝[[B\YXY\X[H\X\وݙ\\]HY\[X][Y [[\YXY\X Y\[X]]YY[KB[ۈ[ܙ\[ۜ\][ۈYXL[[\H[[˰]\[YHK[ݙ\Y]و][\Y][ۈ[[YKBX][ۈوH۝[Z[]Y\Y\[K[ݙ\Y]و]\[\\\[XY\\\Y[[[XZ[\[[ݙ\BY]و[\HY\[X[]\X\H\[Y \[H[HH]H[X[YY][[\[ۈۈ[\YH]Y[KB[H۸&]]^H H\\H8'YB\[x'H][H][YZ[\KB]HY[Y\[Z\]\Z[][ۜ˰B]Y\[ۈوY\[Hٝ[\\\][B۝^وX L]\Z[][ۜ[]BY[Y\ݚYHZ\[[ۜ[]\ZKB][ۜH[Z\[ۜ[[\ۛY[B[]\[ۈ]H\HYZ[\\YH\\B[\][\[ ]Y\HKB]HXXK]HY[Y\[ۋ\ٚ]ܛ\[\\\\[\ BHH8'Y\[x'H[H]\H\قHKˈ\[YH\[]ۋKːK[ˈ] \ˈY[[ [ˋ K˂ NN K0SRSHUPSӂN]XXH[[BH[Z[H]X[ۈ\Y[X]KBH[Y\YX\[\\[[Y[ B[[\YZ[YܙH\[\Y\]]B[Z]Y\ۈ]\[[Z[K[][]Y[\X[\HۈH\Y\و\YXX[\BX]HXY\[HXZ܈ݙ\][ق\[[[۞H]]K0H\H[[Y[ܚۈوHX[^XX]B]H[ܙX\H[HYHܛ\\XB\YHHY\]\HXZ]Z\\ܝ\[ 0HX[ۈ\[ܙ[^YH[^HوHۈ[[X[[[ܝ\H\Y\š[]ܘKX[H\[Yۈ[KB[H]^H\[X\  0[[KHXB[ۈ\[Y[[]\\[ BYH]]\][^YH\][[\KBZ[[KQHTUUSӈPSӂN]\[H\\K[H\]][ۈوYH\Z[B]HY\\\]][ۈ\žYX\0H]HYH]\[]Z\Y\X]\\XHHY[[\H]Z\Y\˰[[\\Z\\\]YH[]^H[[ۋH[\YH[H˝\ܙ