Vermont Bar Journal, Vol. 40, No. 2 Vermont Bar Journal, Fall 2017, Vol. 48, No. 3 - Page 10

Happiness beaten out of me, but after the first year, I started being able to “give back,” so to speak. So, this was a gradual evolution and slowly becoming more competent and fi- nally getting to the point where I tested for my black belt… JEB: In a year?! JG: Oh, no, no. I tested for my black belt, let’s see I started when I was 15 and I tested when I was 18, and that is pretty typical. JEB: Ok. JG: 3 to 5 years is pretty typical to shodan, which is first degree black belt; in that particular school to test for shodan, you had to fight everyone in the school, and at a typical grading that would prob- ably be 30 people. What they would do is they would line the least experienced per- son up first and then what would happen is that after doing this for an hour or however long it went on, you would finally get to the multi-degreed black belts, so… JEB: In the same day? JG: Yes, this would just continue until no one was left. JEB: So you are just getting more tired and they’re not? JG: That’s exactly right. The point where you started dealing with the tough- est fighters in the school, was when you were most exhausted. Now, I will tell you, looking back on that, little of my early ex- perience had anything to do with real ka- rate. Real karate is all about self-improve- ment. It’s about spiritual development and it’s about getting beyond yourself and be- coming a better person. The fact that you learn how to defend yourself is a collateral benefit, entirely. JEB: But you needed both. JG: At that time I did. Back in those days, when this was a fairly new thing com- ing to the United States, there was sort of an old west attitude, but I am very glad that I had that first experience because it put everything else that has happened since then into perspective. JEB: Oh, and it’s an amazing story. It’s incredible. JG: The s [HH\Y[\[YҝB]KXYX[8'\ ٝ\[K'H]\H\\[Hو\]HHܛX[ BHXۚ^Y\H\[[KHXX[BZ[Y[ ҝH[][ܚ]K[Y[ۙH[[]ۋ] Y\B[[Xܜ˂PY\HY]ۙH\[\KB][ۈ܈\[\Y]BΈ\]HܚY[]YۈH\[قLHTSӕTTS8(S M“[]HX\HYX\Hو\[B]YX] LZ[\]وHXZ[B[ [\\]H\X[HHXقHX\H [\K[H^H]KB[Y\][H]H N 8&\]\B[[][X\X[\\][YKBH[Z[Y][[[HX\B\[H\Y]Hو\\[\]܂\Hۙˈ^HY]^HX\YX[]H[[H\][ BY[ܙ\Y[\[[Hݙ\[YK]\Y\H[Y8'x'H܈8'x'BXYX[8'[8'H[H[][XKBX Y\HXۙܛ\]KB[YH[ܙH]HXۚ^H\[\\]KP[]\H\[Hٝ’Έ]\H\H\X]Y]Y\B[ۋڝH]H]Z[[ܙH[\H[KB[H[[H\[Hو\]H[]\\HY\HY[[\H[BH[Hۘ\وZ[[X[[H[[ۈو]\ˈ\H۸&]\\H\ [\X\H[\Bٝ\X[Y\[ZH[\H]]H]X[و]ܝ H[[[YHۈ][[[B\[ \]X[ '\ٝ8'H[ \[KBX [ܚY[Y8'\8'H[ ]\H]X[ܙH\X]Y[H[YHوB\[\و\]H܈YZۙX\[\[H[[[X[ˈڝH]B[[Y][ۈ[[[X[š\\ܙ\[\[\\H]]H\\]\H]X[ܙH\]H\[KPYZۙ\H[ܙH[B[X[[[\[)ΈY\]H]ˈҝH]B][YH[\[H[YKBK]KZH\H\][]Hو[]KX\\H\]HY[Y[H›ZK\H\H\H\[^\˜]Y[Z[[ˈڝH]H\X[H[ B^HY[\X\HYZۙ[Bو]X\HY&\[]^HX]\B^H]XX[ˈ\[Hو] BX\[ܙH\\[[ \H[H\X[B\[^HY]H[Y\B^H[ZKܘX[[KBX]]HH]X\ۈHܛ[ P\ۚX][H\H[H]KBYHو[^HY[][[\ܞKΈܝ[][KH[Y[^XBHXHHYYY [H\ NKB[YH]ܛ[[^HY‘ҝK^HYYH\[\و\]B[YH\X\X[\H]YYZۙ܈ YX\[HH\\K[[H[][][[ ^HYYZۙX\\HH\[^HYҝHX\\HH\]]^HY]H\˜H[Hو[H[Yܝ\^Z[˝\ܙ