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"Vitamins are the conductors that instruct the orchestra into a beautiful harmonic melody. Amino acids, enzymes, co-enzyme and essential fatty acids are the musicians that follow the lead of the conductor. Minerals are the instruments necessary for the symphony. If any part of the orchestra is missing, the beautiful symphony cannot be played."

-Annette Hasalone, N.D.

Elemental Research, Inc. offers the most up-to-date educational resources and diagnostic services for hair analysis and nutritional analysis as well as liquid minerals and supplements to help you achieve and maintain the healthiest lifestyle. Like adding quality fuel, your body can repair and rejuvenate itself with the proper nutrients.

Liquid minerals offer a concentrated and quicker boost than standard, dry supplements because they integrate into the body faster.

Elemental Research offers the exclusive

Angstrom Minerals' mineral supplement line, which has been helping customers reach their optimum health since 2002. Annette Hasalone, N.D., the foremost authority on water-soluble mineral waters available today, created Elemental Research in order to offer a superior selection of liquid minerals to enhance a healthy diet and exercise regime.

In order to properly assess the minerals

most lacking in your system, we also offer hair analysis, nutritional analysis and dynamic books on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Minerals for the Body, Health, and Life