Vegas Indie Artists June 2014 - Page 17

making each other cry, in tears, and we'll put it in the show the next day without even rehearsing it. That's how good we both are. We are both consummate professionals where, hey you do this line, you say this here, let's do it in the show. Not that we have to rehearse it, we gotta do this now. We just go and do it and that's the beauty of working with somebody as professional as Tony is. 'Cause I feel that when I'm off the stage, he's out there doing the job. Most people are like, wow, "I'm watching Jerry". When he does that typewriter routine from "Who's Minding The Store", it tears the house down. He IS Jerry Lewis.

VIA: You don't really see Jerry Lewis impersonators. You don't see Martin and Lewis.

Tom: Well they try but there's a lot of the "Hey, lady", there's too much of that. Tony brings a little of that to the table but not all, just here and there, it’s just enough. He gets to be the kid when he's with Dean. But then he gets to be Jerry also. The show opens up with Dean and Jerry and we do some of the skits they did in the movies. You know, the boxer routine from, "Sailor Beware". And then, I teach Jerry to sing.There are a lot of funny routines in the show. I do a little mini Dean Martin Show when I'm on the stage by myself. I do a couple of songs, Jerry interjects, they have a fight on the stage and Dean throws him out of the show. Then I bring him back in. All this goes on. There's the Chinese Cook, then we have the Nutty Professor, where Dean brings out Professor Julius Kelp. The professor has invented some formulas that alter the physicality of the human being and turns them into any celebrity they want. So, we become Robert DeNiro and John Travolta on the stage. It's hysterical! Tony does the best John Travolta you'll ever see, he looks just like him. It's amazing, turn of the face, character, and puts on a leather jacket on and we sing Summer Lovin'. Then, he leaves the stage doing John Travolta's dance to "Night Fever". It's hysterical.

VIA: Is he coming back to Vegas?

Tom: Yes. Well, we are working on getting some more shows here. I'm trying so hard for these guys here to take a look at the "Martin and Lewis Show". It's like pulling teeth. Nobody answers emails. Nobody calls you back. You know it's terrible. It's all who you know. Who's gonna give you that break.

We will all be looking forward to seeing the Martin and Lewis Tribute come back to Vegas. Let’s all make sure to demand the shows return at your favorite venue!