Vegas Indie Artists June 2014 - Page 16

VIA: You made enough money to fly over there. How fun is that? So, I know he's been here because you guys were in Arizona, Nevada...

Tom: Yeah, he's been here three times already. And you know what's wild...the irony of everything...Tony is 8 years younger than me. Jerry was 8 years younger than Dean. And the similarities are crazy! It's like, this has got to happen.

VIA: Tony's last name is Lewis too, isn't it?

Tom: That's his stage name, like Stevens is not really my real name. We are doing a tour next year for a record company, the producers, they are really anxious to put a tour together for Martin and Lewis.

VIA: That would be great!

Tom: I'm going back in July, we have five shows. Two in Perth,two in Sydney, and one in Melbourne.

VIA: How fun. How do you like Australia?

Tom: I love it. The people are so appreciative of what we're doing. They really are.

VIA: They really are. They are really retro over there.

Tom: They love our classic entertainment. It's nice to see.

VIA: It's nice to be appreciated for what you do! I, for one, am a big fan of yours because of what you do and you do it so well. It's amazing!

Tom: Thank you.

VIA: I've listened to other Dean impersonators and...NO...but then I heard you and bam...there you go! I want to see Martin and friends. I know you are doing the Martin and Lewis with Tony but that is more off and on because of the distance. But you are working on this here in Vegas.

Tom: Yes, that's what I did at the Riviera for 18 months, at Le Bistro Theater. I did that for 18 months for 5 nights a week. We did “An Evening With Dean and Friends”. And I came out as Dean, I opened the show looking as Dean Martin and the first 20-25 minutes of my show was all Dean. Then I'd break away from Dean and I'd do other impressions. And that's how the show goes. So, my manager at the time told me to get out of the Dean Martin and become Tom Stevens, nobody knows Tom Stevens. You're the Dean Martin guy. So, I changed the whole show around and I re-edited everything, re-booted, re-wrote it and then I came out as Tom Stevens. So it was just, "Timeless Impressions", I called the show. I did well with it. I did a few shows at teh Southpoint as well as New Year’s Eve at Noon. I've done many shows at Casablanca. I'd perform there a lot and that goes over well. However, since my surgeries, I've had melanoma and kidney cancer and since my surgery I've had a hard time with certain voices and working that hard. 'Cause in my show I did over 50 voices. So, I am trying to gear it back now. Now Dean is so easy for me to do and I still want to focus on my Dean so that's why I am focusing the "Martin and Lewis" show.


VIA: And I think that your Dean is a big seller.

Tom: Yeah, I do too.

VIA: That's what caught my attention. I knew that you did other impressions but the Dean Martin, the way that you have that ease with a song, like he did. That's huge...that's what got my attention.

Tom: So, now I'm going to go back to “An Evening With Dean and Friends” and just do some easy impressions in between and just do about 20 minutes of other voices then come back to Dean Martin at the end of the show. So, it's gonna be Dean for 40 minutes. 'Cause I do a hundred songs as Dean. There is so much material plus I have so many jokes. See, Dean was an incredible comedian with great timing, so I bring that to the table as Dean.

VIA: Have you ever thought of, perhaps, the other impersonators come in that are indie artists here in Vegas? Have you ever thought of having them come in as guests for Deans show?

Tom: I never really thought of that. I've had partners before, I had a Sinatra guy before and things just didn't work out sometimes and there is a lot of jealousy in this business. And, I just wanted to stay away, I wasn't gonna have another partner. But then, when I saw the quality of what Tony brought to the table, I said, it's unique. There are just too many Elvis's out there. I don't want it to be a legends show. I am a one man legend show myself. I didn't want that. I like either working with Tony or working alone. We both feel the same way. We have a brand here and we feel this has legs. Martin and Lewis. This show has got music, it's got comedy sketches. We do this new sketch, The Chinese Chef where he comes out as Dean's personal Chef and it is hysterical. The stuff we write together. When we are together we stay up until all hours of the morning just working, hard and writing stuff.