Vegas Indie Artists June 2014 - Page 15

Then having Rich in my audience when I came to Vegas was just the end. It was just the greatest thing.

VIA: Oh, I bet!

Tom: Yeah, ‘cause he was, he is the guru. In his day, nobody could touch what Rich did.

VIA: So, you started doing Dino when? 14?

Tom: About 14 - 15 yeah. And I kinda always played with it. I never really did anything as far as looking like him. And then I moved to Florida and when I was in my mid-thirties a guy came up and I got a phone call. I used to go to this place in Florida and went down there, got dressed up as Dean did a couple of shows and I had won two Halloween contests as Sammy.

VIA: How fun!

Tom: Five Thousand Dollars, Five Thousand Dollars each. Walking around like Sammy, with complete black face.

VIA: WOW!!! I'll be darned.

Tom: (making a face like Sammy) walking around like that for four and a half hours. "Hey man..." and just doing Sammy Davis.

VIA: It must have been a blast.

Tom: It was fun! So someone saw me and he had a Rat Pack kind of a show. But he had a Perry Como, so it was Perry, Frank and Dean. So, their Dean they had a big fight with so they kicked him out of the group and they were looking for a Dean Martin so they called me. I went down and showed 'em what I could do. But, both these guys were 20 years my senior. They were in their late 50's and 60's and here I am in my mid-30's. I had to make myself look older. So that's when I adapted Dean with the glasses and the grey hair. I used to spray my hair grey. So, that's how I got that kind of look with Dean. So, I still wear the glasses but because I'm with Tony I don't spray the hair anymore. Now that I'm 55, you know, I look old enough now to be Dean.

VIA: So, your friend Tony, I see you guys must have a really great relationship.

Tom: We do! Today, May 12, is two years to the day, that he first sent me an email. It said, "Tom Stevens, I saw you on youtube." One of his friends and fans said, "You gotta check this guy out." 'Cause Tony's been looking for a Dean Martin for 27 years. He has auditioned, I can't tell you how many guys. 'Cause he had this idea of doing a Martin and Lewis show. And he's been doing Jerry for that long in Australia.

VIA: Is he originally from Australia?

Tom: Yes, he lives in Melbourne. So, he's been touring all over Australia making a living doing Jerry, but he does other impressions too. Like I do. So, he's doing the same thing there that I'm doing here. Except, his main character is Jerry and my main character is Dean.

So, he saw me on youtube and he was blown away. So, he sends me an email and he said, "I would love to talk with you", and one day he sent me something on him and I photoshopped our pictures together, sent it to him and made a poster. He sold out 2 shows in Australia at $110 a ticket. Just on a picture alone. We didn't even have the show written yet. We had no idea, as far as, what we were going to do. This was May, the shows were in October of that year. So, we started to Skype working and putting a show together. He sent me material. I would record Dean's part, send it back to him. He'd record Jerry's parts. We worked out the harmonies and that's how the show was put together.

VIA: So, you guys first started in Australia?

Tom: The first shows were in Australia.