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When I was 14 I got my first tape recorder, and they didn't have background music then. So, I used to play Dean's record "You're nobody till somebody loves you", and in the interlude where the music just plays I would sit there in front of my stereo with the speakers and my little microphone and sing, (singing in Dean's voice) "You're nobody til some..." and then do it with the music behind me to see what it sounded like. I've been practicing for years on his voice.

VIA: That's great! And evidently you have a wonderful voice to be able to do Dean Martin. As in my opinion, he has an ease with songs and singing that most singers don't have, just that ease.

Tom: Yeah, Dean told the story. He says if you have to press or work hard to sing, you're not doing it right. When Dean sang he understood what he was singing, he understood the lyrics. There's a lot of singers out there that don't get it across, they are concentrating so much on hitting the note sand trying to perform that they aren't just sitting there singing, "everybody loves somebody sometime", just telling the story. Let it come out, they're try too hard.

The first thing to doing an impression is I listen to how they talk. And then from there, once I got that down, (in Dean's voice) “I'm just gonna go to the couch". And then I work that talking, into a song. It's a whole process.

VIA: It sounds like a lot of fun though. You must enjoy it to have been doing it forever.

Tom: Oh yeah, sure! Absolutely! Ever since I was six I've been doing voices. I do practically 100 voices.

VIA: I kind of figured that Dean was your favorite, although you do many others. I've been following you and your partner for the...

Tom: Tony Lewis

VIA: Tony Lewis, yeah. I've been getting a big kick out of watching you guys, uh, performing as that is really quite the duo.

Tom: Well, nobody is doing, well, there are couple of guys out there trying to do Martin and Lewis but they're not DOING it. They're not, you know there are a lot of guys out there and they really diluted the business. They've hurt the guys who really practiced, who have worked hard, because now they feel, I put on a tuxedo, I hold a cigarette and a glass and I'm Dean Martin. They don't sound a thing like Dean. They put a hat on and claim to be Frank Sinatra, they don't sound a thing like Frank Sinatra.