Vegas Indie Artists June 2014 - Page 12

It is amazing to me every time I meet someone who always knew what they wanted to be when they grew up. This is a rare gift indeed! One of those amazing people is Tom Stevens. At the early age of six Tom started to imitate Frank Fontaine, which delighted everyone. It was fun and exciting to learn more about the man behind the voices.

What got my attention in the first place is his spot on tribute to Dean Martin. Dino was and always will be my favorite member of the Rat Pack. Don’t get me wrong, I love the other guys too, but Dino’s easy way with a song and his beautiful voice always stood out. I am not the only one who feels that Tom’s tribute to Dean is one of the best in the world. Dean’s daughter Deana agrees as you can see from this excerpt from Tom’s website:

A native New Yorker, Tom Stevens began his career appearing in clubs on the East Coast. His incredible likeness of Dean’s looks and crooning abilities were put to the true test when he performed at the fourth annual Dean Martin Festival in Dean’s hometown, Steubenville, Ohio. The overwhelming response to Tom’s impression from not only Dino’s fans, but the people who knew Dean when he was Dino Crocetti, provided Tom with return engagements to headline the festival for all the years to come. At the festival, Tom had the pleasure of meeting and singing with Dean Martin’s daughter, Deana Martin Griffeth, who enthusiastically approved Tom’s portrayal of her father saying she’s “Never seen anyone look and sound more like my Daddy”

This is one interview that I will always remember. I heard Dean Martin sing and talk while I was learning about Tom Stevens. Thank you Tom for your time and sharing your story with us at Vegas Indie Artists Magazine.

The VIA Interview:

VIA: I gotta ask you, because Dean Martin is my favorite of the Rat Pack. I even met Deana his daughter and read her book. Is Dean your favorite?

Tom: Oh yeah, cause I look, like him. On the stage, its scary when I walk out people really enjoy that whole vibe I bring to the table, where I do the walk, do the talk, I become Dean for the whole performance. It's not where I break off and do Tom Stevens and say, "Now I'm going to do this..." I stay in character.

VIA: So, from the moment you come out of the dressing room you become Dean. Is there anything you did special in preparation for all of this or was it just a natural progression?

Tom: It's been years of studying Dean's voice, watching videos and movies of Dean, getting his accent down, how he says certain words and the cadence of his speaking. It's a whole process, when I do an impression, when I'm studying a voice. I have an 8 track recorder at home. I record their voices, I record them, I listen to them while I'm singing with them and I hone in on the voice. I've been doing Dean ever since I was a kid.