VCI Protocols and Procedures Digital Guide July 2020 v7 - Page 10

DanzArts Toronto DanzArts Toronto has implemented strict measures to ensure the safety and health of our dancers and will be providing both in-studio and online class options. Private lessons and Summer Series classes will run on-site through the summer. On-site recreational classes are expected to resume in the fall. • Online classes will be available as alternative options for those who cannot or choose not to take in-studio classes. • Hand sanitizer and disinfectant will be readily available. • Daily (Monday to Sunday) cleaning and sanitization of studio space (including all equipment and surface areas that are touched throughout classes), and before and after each lesson to include; Sweep/wet mop & disinfect floors Disinfect barres Disinfect music systems Disinfect light switch/door handles Disinfect gym mats Disinfect all equipment Take out garbage/change bags Clean mirrors Disinfect benches. • Staff will be required to wear PPE if they are unable to maintain a safe physical distance. • All faculty and staff will receive proper training on safety measures. • Appropriate signage and floor markings to enforce physical distancing. • All patrons expected to follow self-screening measures before entering the building. • There will be a drop-off and pick-up system to help coordinate and escort the students from the drop-off door to the studio, and to the pick-up door, in a safe and efficient manner. For complete details regarding all programs, services and facilities, please visit or call 416-789-7011. 10