VCI Protocols and Procedures Digital Guide July 2020 v7 - Page 4

COVID-19 Safety Measures for Patrons, Visitors, Tenants & Staff In addition to complying with all provincial guidelines and public health recommendations, we are implementing the following safety measures across all our programs and services: • Increased cleaning throughout all facilities, including cleaning of equipment and physical spaces between classes and activities. • Increase in the number of personal hand sanitization stations. • The use of masks and face coverings is mandatory, as required under City of Toronto by-law no. 541-2020. • All staff will have access to PPE. • All staff will conduct a self-assessment prior to coming to work and if they display any symptoms, they must follow Public Health Guidelines and self-isolate. • Floor markings will be visible throughout the facilities to support physical distancing. • Protective barriers have been installed in key public/staff-facing areas. • All patrons/visitors are encouraged to self-assess and if they display any symptoms, refrain from entering any building on the Villa Charities campus and adhere to Public Health Guidelines. 4