Vapouround magazine VAPOUROUND MAGAZINE OCTOBER ISSUE19 - Page 99

E-LIQUIDS WITH SEASONING Nicotine salts are another area of considerable interest at the moment. There are many salts, benzoate, salicylate, levulinate and even some companies with bespoke formulations of their own. It’s not just a case of adding the base acid to your formulation. You need to be sure it’s ionised. The products are made by combining the nicotine with a base acid – benzoic acid in the case of nicotine benzoate – but you need to be sure it’s ionised, the nicotine is still there, it’s just loosely bound to the base acid this gives for faster absorption of the nicotine and a smoother vape experience. Customers report getting a fast, harder nicotine hit, which is great for those smokers who were not getting the satisfaction from 18 or 20mg/ml e-liquids made with traditional nicotine. Again, there are complications that need to be considered: · It’s a significant formulation change, so you need to update your notification · It needs new emissions and toxicology data · You need to get your dose right · Your labelling needs changing You are changing your formulation, so you must let the competent authorities know by updating your notification through the EU portal. If you are swapping out nicotine for salt nic, you can replace your current product, or if you’re adding to the range, it’s a new EC-ID and new notification charges. As it’s a new formulation, you will need to re-emissions test your product and also update your toxicology. You’re not adding the base acid, you’re replacing the nicotine, and these base acids can be quite tricky, so you need some specialist toxicology reporting from a recognised expert or you’re going to have difficulty in making it safe to use declaration. It’s almost a full new TPD process. Again you can re-use your toxicology on the base flavour, but some people are tweaking these as well so you may find it’s a brave new product for a brave new world. You need to set your dose too. The TPD limits you to 20mg/ml, but if you add 20mg/ml of your nicotine salt you will be under dosing the nicotine, most salts are around 55-65 percent nicotine, this varies. For nicotine benzoate 36mg/ml of the salt will contain 20mg/ml of free base nicotine, so go with the nicotine dose not the salt dose, the market is looking for high nicotine levels, so this is not a mistake you want to make. Your label will be quite different as well. Here are some things to consider: · On the front of the packaging, give the free base nicotine dose, but as an equivalent, for example say 20mg/ml or 2.0% equivalent nicotine. This also applies for the dose per puff. Give it as free base nicotine. This will avoid confusing the customers as they can relate it to what they are used to. · On the ingredients listing you need to be clear that you have added nicotine salts not nicotine and base acid. At ADACT we have [Y[[\^\[^H\HX\Y[B\HY[HX[H[\H] \\\H[H[][\[[[[ YH ͛Y[X[H[]B [HYY\]H[\[Xܙ[H]B[\\]Z\[Y[ˈ[\\Z[H[HH]قH\H]\\]\[\\[H[XXH\H][]8&\ܚ]X[][H[XZ[\X[XZ[\\X[HY[B][X\HYKTUHӈSQPST[\\ܝ\[ۈ]\\[YH\]YZ\˜\[Y\XZ][]\HHRH^Z[[]\B\H[YX[\[Z\X[^HYYB[[ݙYHHX\] \\Z[X[HH\\H\BܚY[[]\[HHRH[\[]HXYH]YSH[\X[ۈ\Y[Z[\KH]وXܛ[ۈ\]HY[[وH\\H\HYZY[Hۈ[ܙYY[[]۝Z[Y[ܛX][ۈۈ[YX[\]\\[YܛX] [XX\H\YX\HRH[]YHYX][ۜ˜\[Y\X][YX[\ˈ^HY[[Y[[\BHZY[H][\H]\Y\[]\[[\Y]]XH܈\\ۜ[][ۋX]Y]\XHۂH ]\Z[[ܙYY[]HY[[Y H\و\[Y\[YYYܛ][]HZ\X[X[YX\[ۈBܛ][][ۋH]HY[[X][X[YX\\˜[^H]HKYܛ][]YZ\X]]H[YX[\ˈ\HYH\[ۜ[H\Y] ]\H\BXH[H[]\[[HYY\[\\]ZYXZB\H^x&\H]\٘XܞKۘH[H]HKYܛ][]Y[H[YYKY[Z\[ۜ\[\ܛ][][ۈ[\]H[\YX][ۋY[HXZ]YXB]\[HYYH[΂XۛYHXZ\وH]\]HRH[ۙ\H][H\Hۙ\X[YX\[XB؛[HX\B۝X[\\X[HX[HY[YHH؛[B\ۙ[Yܛ][]H[[ݙHH؛[H\ۙ[KY[Z\[ۜ\H]ܛ][][ۂ\]HHS[\]H[\YX][ۂܚ]HHRHۙ\H[H]HXYH[\[\H[XX\]]H]ܛ][][ۂ܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۈۈ[HوHXY\Y[\X]\K۝XQPYYX[ۈ  L N ܈[XZ[[]Z\Y\YXYYX[ H܈YH˘YXYYX[ BLNHN