Vapouround magazine VAPOUROUND MAGAZINE OCTOBER ISSUE19 - Page 91

said a company spokesman. “It was one of the first awards we ever won and since then, we have always wanted to be a part of this very high standard.” As for why they deepened our partnership, the answer was clear: “Vapouround’s reputation speaks for itself. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of this?” Vape Dinner Lady have thoroughly enjoyed their experiences at the awards, rubbing shoulders with their peers, united in the knowledge that we’re all doing what’s best for both the industry and the ongoing fight against cigarette smoking. “The awards really set the standard for the vaping industry. There is always a lot of great vaping companies featured at the event and just to be a part of that is an honour within itself. We believe that Vapouround and Vape Dinner Lady share the same values when it comes to quality and setting high standards. We are very selective in who we sponsor and only wish to associate with like-minded companies who are passionate as we are about shaping the industry’s future.” Vape Dinner Lady’s entire identity is tied to creating and recreating fond memories, mostly through their flavours. The Vapouround Awards also captures this duality: it both honours the best of the year and stands alone as an unmissable event. “The Vapouround Awards has great reach and status which helps us achieve our ultimate aim – to make people smile through a nostalgic experience.” “VAPOUROUND’S REPUTATION SPEAKS FOR ITSELF. WHO WOULDN’T WANT TO BE A PART OF THIS?” VM19 | 91