Vapouround magazine VAPOUROUND MAGAZINE OCTOBER ISSUE19 - Page 90

AWARDS VAPE DINNER LADY SPONSOR THE VAPOUROUND AWARDS 2019 CLASSIC BRITISH BAKES VAPE BRAND COOK UP A SENSATIONAL TREAT FOR ALL FOR THE INDUSTRY’S NEXT BIG NIGHT It may seem impossible for some to even think of 2019. Newsflash! We’re already gearing up for the fourth annual Vapouround Awards. As the curtain fell on last May’s celebration, Vape Dinner Lady claimed the title as the 2019 sponsor and we couldn’t be happier to have such a classic and renowned brand at our side as we set the stage for the vape industry’s biggest night of the year. Vape Dinner Lady is no stranger to the Vapouround Awards, having taken home the trophy for Best E-liquid in 2018, one of many accolades given to the bestselling and much-loved Lemon Tart. Vape Dinner Lady also took home an award in the Industry Leader category. And a leader they have certainly been. Vape Dinner Lady made headlines across the mainstream media earlier this year when the announcement came that their liquids were to be sold in Asda. Now, months later, Vape Dinner Lady juices can be foun d in over 500 Asda stores nationwide. Never complacent, they have remained in talks with other major retailers, eager to stay at the forefront of vaping’s growing profile in mainstream culture. Their recently-settled new headquarters – complete with luxury features, like the authentic beach hut last spotted at the Vaper Expo UK – has seen visitors from The Guardian and The Huffington Post newspapers, no doubt eager to learn more. Overseas, Vape Dinner Lady’s liquids are now sold in eighty 90 | VM19 countries. It’s been quite a challenge for the team, but one they’ve met with pride. New duties, new markets and new products has given them room to welcome new faces. Vape Dinner Lady now employs over 100 people, up from 60 last year. With all this talk of newness, what better time than now to announce that Vape Dinner Lady will honour their own Vaper Expo UK traditions by unveiling and launching a new range this October? This lofty position has made them something of an ambassador to the mainstream, where a still unreached mass of smokers yet to discover vaping reside. Providing the vaping consumer base and business owners with must-have products is one thing, taking a more proactive role in smoking cessation is something else. A spokesman for the company said that they are stepping up efforts to reach these people by increasing their involvement in quitting initiatives. “We’ve been strongly driven towards helping more people quit recently. It’s very important to us.” A stop smoking-related e-book, published on their site, reached over 400,000 people in less than 24 hours. It’s easy to get lost in the shuffle of numbers and statistics in this trade, but the company has maintained its personability and consumer friendliness throughout a meteoric rise, which was aided by the recognition they received at the Vapouround Awards ceremony. “We hold the Vapouround Awards in very high regard,”