Vapouround magazine VAPOUROUND MAGAZINE OCTOBER ISSUE19 - Page 9

Stoptober 2018: One million people have attempted to quit so far 18 MPs urged to lift vape restrictions 21 Any plans for a UK vape tax? 22 JUUL launches in the UK 25 Nip it in the bud - The CPD 29 University of Nottingham study 34 Vape science: Salt-based nicotine 35 Diary of a Vaper - UK Vapour Shaper 40 Vaping Entrepreneur with Alex Thienel of PJ Empire 44 USONICIG - The cover story 50 New study shows more than ́)مѡU,()IY%]L)Q Ր(܁YɽչQ(Aɕ٥QYȁU,(ȁYM٥(؁ ɹ(Yɼѡ(āY-ɕ(Yɽչ ́Q(I٥(QM1 %LaP\(āԁ (ȁɕ55M AI<(ЁM5=,9=Y<-%P(ԁم9=Y-%P(؁IلiI<(ЁMѽѽIϊdѽɥ̀ɽݥ́ѥȁ5ÁєQ ɽA܁)ͽEP(؁ULٽȁͥ ٽ( ɅèɍЁمхݥYMɼ)5YLȁQȁ)ե)Aɕ٥9ЁɅѥ9ѥ́%Yե(ЁéY(܁%9ե(A(ɔ(āɥAѥ(؁ ɑ<(܁eQՉ ɹ(I٥ݕϊdA(ȁ%ӊé]Ʌ ѕͅ(́DݥѠ55() ɕ9ٕȀ(Mمͽѥ(ȁIեѵЀĀYIե(؁Yɽչ݅ɑ̀䁍ѕɥ(Yɽչ݅ɑ̀%ѕ٥)ݥѠͽȁYȁ1(Ё]Ёѡݥ́ٔѼͅ( P5ɕЁɕ(ȁQYєѕЁՑ(؁Q՝́ɽѡ͡)ݥѠQAՙ!(YݥѠYéյ(ЁYM٥ݡӊé(QյÊéЁхɥ́ ͔(ȁQمЁ͡Ё(؁ͬѡMѥЀ (؁Y==A=