Vapouround magazine VAPOUROUND MAGAZINE OCTOBER ISSUE19 - Page 83

“I’m a recruiter through and through” How do you think the vape industry can benefit from a resource like Vape Recruit? I think it’s such an exciting time right now, the industry is really changing shape. At the start, the unregulated explosion of growth was phenomenal. The cultural scene that grew alongside this was unprecedented, all these people so passionate about an alternative to smoking! I still find it mind-blowing. Now, as the industry becomes more regulated and evermore competitive, businesses are really having to focus on compliance whilst protecting their profitability. Having the right people in the right roles is key. Just employing people who vape isn’t really going to cut it moving forwards. The financial cost of having ineffective people in your business can be the difference of profit or loss and unfortunately sometimes means the success or failure of a business. As per our mission statement, we aim to, “play a key part in professionalising the vaping industry through helping to connect talented and skilled individuals to credible career opportunities in compliant and ethical organisations within the vaping industry.” Would you say the vape industry here in the UK is competitive? Most definitely! Over the years, I’ve worked with many different industries, some more closely than others, but I can honestly say that I’ve not worked within an industry that is so close-knit and friendly, where even direct competitors communicate with each other. What are the keys to success in running a team-oriented work force in this industry? Aside from having the right individuals with the appropriate skill- set in the right role, I would say that the key to success is a robust management structure. Far too often I see organisational set-ups where the business leaders (directors, owners etc) are the people responsible for the day to day management all of the staff within the business. This is probably a symptom of the rapid growth, but really isn’t sustainable moving forwards. I’m sure all of you business leaders who are working 16+ hours a day and often seven days a week will agree! By promoting within, or investing in outside talent, the productivity and profitability of a business can be increased by having a middle management structure. Do you find that people who don’t vape are weary of applying to vape-related companies? Yes, sometimes. This is also a great example of where Vape Recruit can add value by contacting candidates with the applicable skill-set and ‘selling’ to them the opportunity to work in the industry. By the same token, people often apply for roles not really knowing much about the industry and what it involves, even if they vape. Again, we add value by discussing the industry with them. Some candidates withdraw and the ones that proceed get much more value out of their recruitment process having had the extra insight. What are the roles that are in demand right now? Great salespeople are always in demand. Also, opportunities within the liquid manufacturing sub-sector is a growth area as more businesses work towards less reliance on overseas suppliers for their core ranges. Retail will always be key. The scope of opportunities in the industry is huge. Marketing, e-commerce, accounts, HR, account management, warehousing, lab technicians, flavorists and more. If you are in the industry and you’re looking to recruit a new member of staff, or if you are looking for a new role, speak to us! Our service costs nothing to applicants looking for work, and for businesses it costs nothing to engage with us or interview our candidates. We may well be able to connect you with the right talent who can push your business to the next level. Vape Recruit specialises in connecting talent and skill with the vape sector. Contact their Derbyshire HQ on 07855 391519 or email VM19 | 83