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What is this year’s conference hoping to achieve that previous iterations haven’t? Though it has always been a globally-focused event, how has this year’s launch of Next Generation Nicotine USA broadened the perspective and purpose of the conference? Our London event will always retain a global focus, and attracts visitors from North America, South America and Asia. We took the leap and launched our USA event earlier this year to specifically cater towards product manufacturers across the US and Canada. We found that there was a clear gap in the market to introduce a B2B conference which not only looks at the changing regulatory landscape, but delves deeper into consumer demands, product innovation and other commercial topics – something existing industry events did not cover. Following the successful launch in Atlanta, we have found that more US & Canadian companies are approaching us to join the London edition. I believe this really demonstrates the appeal of the European market place for international brands. How is the research conducted and how does NGND keep abreast of the key developments in the worldwide business of nicotine delivery? Each year the conference producer will be tasked with conducting over 40 thorough telephone research [interviews] with key stakeholders across the wider next generation products’ sector. This can include e-liquid manufacturers, regulators, big tobacco companies and suppliers to the sector. We conduct research with such a broad range of key stakeholders in the industry, to ensure that we can produce a really topical and relevant conference programme. However, once we have completed the initial research we will not stop there. As is clear the sector is always adapting and changing, so we often adapt the conference programme in the lead up to the event as and when industry updates become available. One of the new topics up for discussion at November’s conference is that around e-liquids containing cannabinoids, most popularly CBD. It was clear during research that the interest and confusion around including CBD into e-liquids was something that needed to be discussed on the programme. We’ve included an expert’s panel debate in the afternoon of November 13 to address this, giving the audience an opportunity find out more. What can a company in this trade gain by sending representatives to attend Next Generation Nicotine? The 2018 conference programme has been designed based on the industry’s interests and concerns. We aim to bring together industry experts to address business-critical concerns across the category. Some new topics to be discussed at November’s event includes – market potential of nicotine salts, and CBD containing e-liquids, updated market data, product standards for both e-liquids and devices, and competitive product innovation; with product innovation spotlights throughout the event. “ ]\X\\[\X\]B[\\[ۙ\[ۈ\[[Y[Б[K[\]ZY\Y][]YYYH\\YۈHܘ[[YB)x&]H[YY[^\[[X]BY\\'BLNH