Vapouround magazine VAPOUROUND MAGAZINE OCTOBER ISSUE19 - Page 58

FEATURE Growing pains – the future of marijuana and vaping in Canada In times of political change, vaping will find new challenges and opportunities. Businesses must brace for both. By Leo Forfar On October 17, recreational marijuana use will be legal in Canada, but key products for a potential THC vaping industry will remain blacklisted. Health Canada has omitted edibles and cannabis concentrates from the upcoming legalization. The latter are used in e-cigarettes for consumption via vaping. Health Canada have defended this omission ahead of a one-year period “for the development of specific regulations to address the unique risks posed by these product classes.” Though businesses are, as always, frustrated by the slow and sometimes overcautious pace of reform, they have been eagerly awaiting the date where trade is fully legalised. A boom period is expected, and Canada hopes to become a world leader in the marijuana trade, with first-year sales expected to exceed five billion dollars despite restrictions. It is not surprising to see an extra restraint placed on vaping. But this piece hopes to explore what the regulatory and political landscape will bring on the (inevitable) day legalisation comes. Though it will be widely celebrated, business owners and vaping advocates need to be aware that legalisation of vapourised marijuana will only be the beginning of its troubles. A new dimension and 58 | VM19