Vapouround magazine VAPOUROUND MAGAZINE OCTOBER ISSUE19 - Page 56

FEATURE Kylie Brough (35) is a shop assistant. She smoked for 18 years, “I started aged 13 at school.” She first tried vaping in 2014 but says without knowing much about it at first, she was “worried about what vapour actually was and if it was more harmful than smoking and if it was regulated or tested.” Since taking up vaping, Kylie says: “I can breathe easier and I don’t have to go outside in all weather.” Kylie adds she wished she quit smoking for vaping sooner: “Definitely! It’s a much cleaner and healthier lifestyle.” h (35) Kylie Broug Zakkizamani Osman (43) comes from Malaysia and is a retail manager in the vape industry. “What started out as something to help me quit smoking has now become my career. I am a vaperista and proud of it. My son vaped earlier than I did and he sparked the curiosity in me. Since then, we rebuild together and now I’m also a retail manager at a local vape shop and also a custom coil builder. The journey was made even more fun with the community alw 2VrV6FW"vFGf6RB6WF2F&&V2( ФW27v3g&vW7B7W76WG&6FVBg&6rFfr#BआRGVW6VBf"GvV'2v7BW6r&VwVFVBG2VFR&VvBV6B@2WfW"6VB66R( &VrrFW&7F7VffW&W"Bv26ǒF6R( 0'WBFB66R7Fr6rB66rfRBB6vR6W7BfV7F"6VvrFW&ҒBfRWfV&VV&RF7FFr6RbFRFǒ7FW&G0v2W6rF6G&ג7F( Ф&v&WBVƖGBSb7FVB6r7F&W"#RvFFRVbfRV&V6W6P6R( FVvBBvVB&RVFW"ƖfW7GR66R( 6R626RF6VBVF&VVfG0gFW"rFR7vF6( גVw2vW"vVWR( b6W6rRFfR6VvpfG2FB6VƖR6G&BFR&rRb6W'6RfR6fVBf'GVR( ƖPf'7BFRfW'2&v&WBGVW6VBf"( &WBfW"vVV2FvfRR66RFvWBW6VBFFRV( ХDR4Re$TRd5E0FR7FF&W"6vFV'WFVB7F&W"#"66RFVFRV&Ɩ2VFVv@6v2&VV&W76&Rf"&RFR֖Ɩ'&G2VGFr6rFW&R&R3F27F&W"'WB7FF&W"2&6VB&W6V&6v67VvvW7G2FBb6W"67F6rf"#F2FW&RffRFW2&RƖVǒF7F6Rg&VRf vBF&VvWB7F&W"vRvfR&RbFW6R7F&W2W"&rf6BW"vV'6FRfW&VB6Vf"&RSbd