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James Strobridge (40) from Rochford in Essex works in the industry and his dedication to vaping even won him a Vapouround Award. After smoking for a couple of years, James started to vape in February 2016. He says: “I went on a vehicle vinyl wrapping course with friends who vaped and I was [the] only smoker so decided to give it a go for the duration of the course so as to not keep disappearing every 30 minutes.” James remembers the first e-liquid he vaped was Vanilla by Totally Wicked. “Since I quit, I decided to start making DIY flavours of my own and a couple of months later I started my own e-liquid business [now The Rochford Project]. If I had not started vaping, I would not have had the opportunity to start my own business doing something I love doing and this is what keeps me smoke-free.” g trobrid S s e m Ja e (40) Gemma Daly works as an area manager in the industry. She stopped smoking when her husband took up vaping and started to vape menthol flavours. Gemma says she wishes she started to vape sooner. Gemma’s husband Aaron Daly is a warehouse supervisor from Derby and a dad of two. Aaron smoked for six years until he finally gave it up. Prior to vaping, Aaron did his research: “I read many reviews online.” He says he wishes he had made the switch sooner for the “money I could have saved.” Gemm a Daly (33) & Aaron Daly (3 4) Jane Johnson (49) from Derby smoked from the age of 16 for 26 years. She recalls how she had her first cigarette as a dare on the eve of her sixteenth birthday. Jane used vaping to help quit smoking six years ago and has never looked back. But, she had some preconceptions before she started. “I did, I wasn’t convinced but after a week my 40-a-day habit had stopped.” Jane says she dual used for a couple of days, and six years later feels: “My health has improved so much.” on (49) Jane Johns VM19 | 55