Vapouround magazine VAPOUROUND MAGAZINE OCTOBER ISSUE19 - Page 54

FEATURE By Róisín Delaney Look at the official NHS Stoptober website and what will you see? Advice on stop smoking medicines, smoke-free tips through social media, an innovative campaign app and last but not least, information on e-cigarettes. To mark this year’s Stoptober, we asked you for your stories of how you quit smoking. Some of you got in touch through The Vapouround Club, some of you shared your stories at one of the Vapouround Vape Lounges and others via our website. Alex Pourian (25) from London works as a store manager. He got in touch via and told us how he quit smoking and started vaping while attending university back in 2014. “I knew it was safer and you can vape indoors too. I started with tobacco 18mg. I feel much healthier vaping.” While Alex said he did dual use “for a few months,” he feels much healthier now compared to when he smoked. “I go to the gym and don’t feel out of breath. I don’t smell of fags, which is great.” He adds, “I did enjoy smoking cigarettes … but vaping is the way forward now.” n (25) Alex Pouria Christopher Bunnagar (34) lives in Chester and works in a vape shop. Christopher quit smoking three years ago and like many of us, he knows loss all too well having lost relatives to cancer. “Watching what happened to them made me realise just how stupid smoking was. Also becoming a father, I want to watch my two children grow up and see my grandchildren grow up.” When asked if he wished he made the switch to vaping sooner, Christopher said “Absolutely.” He started vaping The Black by Zeus Juice and initially dual used with both a vape and traditional cigarettes, but soon found himself reaching for his vape all of the time. “I found myself going for my vape rather than a cigarette. Vaping has helped me so much just my general day-to-day life has improved greatly and my fitness – no longer am I short in breath or have a horrible smoker’s cough.” Christo 54 | VM19 pher Bu nnag ar (34)