Vapouround magazine VAPOUROUND MAGAZINE OCTOBER ISSUE19 - Page 25

NEWS NIP IT IN THE BUD The Cannabis Products Directive will help clean up the CBD industry BY GORDON STRIBLING The long-awaited Cannabis Products Directive (CPD) will be published on October 19, formally laying the groundwork for the regulation of all cannabis-derived products. The CTA tested several products sold on eBay and most were found to contain far less CBD than the manufacturer claimed. One was even found to contain illegal levels of cannabinol. The UK Cannabis Trades Association (CTA) has developed the CPD in conjunction with the Food Standards Agency (FSA) and the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). While the directive will help to legitimise the CBD industry, manufacturers and retailers will still be prohibited from making claims about the therapeutic effects of their products, unless they gain a licence from the MHRA. Based on the TPD, the new directive will require manufacturers and retailers of all CBD products including e-liquids to register their businesses and individual products with the CTA. All CBD products will also be tested for quality and safety before going to market. The UK produces and exports more medicinal cannabis than any other country. However, successive governments have refused to acknowledge the medicinal potential of the plant. CTA Chair Mike Harlington said: “All of our members have agreed to be CPD compliant from October 19 when the process of registering businesses and products will begin. CPD isn’t law yet but we anticipate that it will be rolled out across the EU as early as March 2019.” The UK’s CBD industry is now estimated to be worth £50 million per year. But while the CTA already requires that members’ products are tested for quality, the lack of blanket regulation has meant that, until now, many poor-quality products have made it onto the market. A recent high-profile case forced Home Se ɕхM)٥é)Qݕٔ啅ȵ ձݕ)ѕȁ́Ѥ͕ɔ́)ѥ݅́ѕɍѕЁѡɑȸ) ́х́ɔѡɅչ)ѕɅɽQ! Ё)ѕȁՉэ䰁ѡ!Mɕх䁙)ͥɝ䁱ݥ ) ձݕѼх́ѡ9!L)Y4