Vapouround magazine VAPOUROUND MAGAZINE OCTOBER ISSUE19 - Page 200

FYI REVIEWE VAPING V1CK Richard Vick aka Vaping V1CK has been reviewing vaping products on his YouTube channel for over four years. We asked this vape guru for his current top three picks. DPRO MINI OK so this has been out a little while but any chance I get to recommend this RDA I take it. The Dpro Mini is a single coil low profile RDA from CoilART. It has a postless deck, adjustable airflow and is available in a wide range of colours. As always with CoilART, it has done an excellent job of borrowing ideas and styles from various high-end atomisers such as the Narda and Hadley. Put simply I think it’s the best affordable single coil RDA on the market. The flavour is fantastic and it out performs several far more expensive RDA’s currently on the scene. BASIUM Maybe I’m biased as this was designed by a good friend of mine – Dean, The Vaping Biker – but the Basium has very much been a stand out new product in the last couple of months. Squonking’s popularity has rocketed this year but like all new trends it has had to climb the innovation ladder. At first, we had single cell mech squonkers then regulated squonkers and now finally dual battery regulated squonkers like the Basium. If you squonk over 50 watts it has been a rough ride but now finally we have a squonker in the Basium from Dovpo which is easy to use well-made and has the battery life to keep up with my style of vaping. TIMESVAPE DREAMER I have to be honest and say I’m not a massive ‘mech head’. I rarely reach for a mech tube to vape these days but the Dreamer, a 21700 tube mech designed by Stan ‘Tenacious TX’ and Timesvape, really has had me questioning that. There was no doubt in my mind that when it came to tube mechs you got what you paid for. The likes of SOI, Kennedy and Rouge were producing things of such quality that no affordable companies seemed able to match. Then the Dreamer came along an incredibly well-designed and manufactured mech and it really has blown the competition out of the water. I honestly believe the Dreamer to be the best mech tube available at any price range, I have just bought a second one. VAPING ON A DEVICE: ASPIRE BREEZE 2 Average Price: £24.99/€33 200 | VM19 Budget + TOTAL COST: £34.99 / €45 E-LIQUID: SALT E-LIQUID Average Price: 3x10ml £10/€12